Iran's Economy Feels Sting of Sanctions
Wall Street Journal / Farnaz Fassihi
11-Oct-2010 (10 comments)

Ordinary Iranians say they worry they will be caught paying more for goods and services even as the government trims subsidies.

But anecdotally, these Iranians say, weaknesses in their economy appear to have been magnified since June, when the United Nations, European Union and U.S. began stepping up measures aimed at deterring Tehran's nuclear program.

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"According to government officials"

by Bavafa on

That's where I stopped reading.

According to government officials Iran is the freest country in the world and economy has never been better. Of course there is some truth in that if you look at only the living condition of government officials themselves but the ordinary people are a whole different story.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Are you living on the same planet as the rest of us? I know your love of Islam blinds you. But to this degree? Yeh sure the IRI officials said it so it must be true right. 

They also claim people they execute of Mhoareb so that must be true. Not to mention that Khamenei is GOD's representative. That is right also yeh? 

Sorry buddie, your Islam is a failure in every way. Do yourself a favor and wake up. For once put your nation about the Arab death cult you have bought into.


hamsade ghadimi

varjavand, which is it? 

by hamsade ghadimi on

varjavand, which is it?  iran has "unbearable economic conditions" (your first comment) or iran is an "economic power" capable of manufacturing aftabehs to rockets (your last comment)?  of course, with human rights issues aside (why did you even waste your breath with mentioning h.r.?). 

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

 manufacturing everything from fighter jets

Please!!!!  Are you serious?  What "jet fighter" are they "manufacturing?"  Are you talking about the old F-5's with an additional tail and a new paint job that's borrowed from the American Blue Angles? 

And can you please provide the independent  data that showed their "satellite" actually made it to orbit?  And independent does NOT mean a report from Fars News.  

And you'e supposed to be a college professor?  Is this how you research things?  Quoting a dictatorship's propaganda verbatim?   


Human rights issues aside,

by varjavand on

Human rights issues aside, Iran has made a significant improvement economically in recent years, according to government officials. The U.S. and its allies lost this lucrative market by imposing economic sanctions on this country. Iran is now an economic as well as a political power in the Middle East that the U.S. and the West have to reckon with. Iran is the key source of experts to neighboring countries, especially to war-torn Iraq, from manufactured products to foods, and construction materials, even building bricks. The country now enjoys a high degree of self-sufficiency, manufacturing everything from fighter jets to automobiles and to launching of satellites to orbit, and high range sophisticated missiles.


IRI, you must be kidding..

by Cost-of-Progress on

"China with much better and humane policies so far, will take over these backward people ..."

Yeah, China has stellar human right records, doesn't it? You people have totally lost what little brain you had. The air in that cramped embassy room must have really done a number on you. Get out in the fresh western air ....




Anonymous Observer

"West is on the way down" :-)))

by Anonymous Observer on

That's what the Soviets said for almost a century...waiting for the "West" to crumble and fall under the weight of its corrupt, imperialistic, capitalist "filth".  But instead see what happened to mighty USSR.  The same is in store for you and the rest of your delusional IRI cadre.  

But hey...keep the "dream" alive if it makes you happy.  Now, finish your chelo kabob, take your afternoon nap, have some tea and go paint those "Western" made 60 year old F-5's blue and call them a "new" fighter plane to release your "oghdeh" and act out your fantasy of being technologically on par with the "West."   

PS-This time around when you re-paint the F-5's, try not to steal the paint job from the American Blue Angels.  You are intelligent enough to come up with at least a new paint scheme, right?  Or do I over-estimate your IQ in that regard?


West is on the way down

by IRI on

That's exactly why West is on the way down. Watch while Eastern countries steal what's left of the West's imperialistic strategies.
East is on the rise and China with much better and humane policies so far, will take over these backward people who think they deserve to have it all...

Matter of time, and everyone knows it...

And Iran will be fine. Actually Iran will be in the mix so while today things don't sound too appealing, it will be a great advantage for Iran in the future because Iran has the cheap currency, plenty of labor, technologies and roads and rails...We are set in Iran. West is thinking that they are going to contain Iran and put it down, they will go down and Iran will remain. Mark my words.

Iraneh Azad

Iranians Selected this Government over 30 years ago

by Iraneh Azad on

And now they are paying the price. The West will never care about ordinary Iranians. Oil and security comes first for the West and there is nothing wrong with having such policy. The West is under no obligation to help "ordinary Iranians". If economic conditions in Iranian are unbearable, either the government must change its course or the people must change the government. The people had no problem getting rid of the Shah? There should be no problem getting rid of the Mullahs in charge.


Sanction is an ineffective

by varjavand on

Sanction is an ineffective misguided policy that does not
achieve its intended purpose. It only hurts ordinary Iranians who are already struggling
to survive under unbearable economic conditions.