Ottolenghi: Lower Burden of Proof Needed For Designating Companies “IRGC Shells”
lobelog / Eli Clifton

Fellows at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies have been some of the most outspoken, and most published, voices on how the United States can most forcefully impose sanctions on Iran. Suggestions from FDD have included: recalling Switzerland as the representative of U.S. diplomatic interests in Iran to punish them for allowing a Swiss energy company to violate sanctions; sanctioning Chinese and Russian companieswho dare to do business with Iran; and, in the same breath, calling for the West to “lay the foundation for military strikes.” But FDD’s Emanuele Ottolenghi, writing in Foreign Affairs,says that it is time for U.S. and European governments to dramatically expand the number of Iranian companies named as (IRGC) shells.


If a business thought to be IRGC-related is publicly identified, government agencies can better investigate its identity and operation... >>>

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