Iran tries to reduce road accidents.....and rage
Tehran Times / Mehdi Noroozvandiyan
08-Nov-2010 (one comment)

After 40 years a proposal by the traffic management authorities has been forwarded to the parliament for ratification. Iran’s road rage is amongst the world’s worst with 6,000 fatalities in the first five months of the current year.

Iran’s road traffic accidents have become a real menace to the society. Among my family and friends I cannot think of anyone who has not been touched by this issue. In the last 11 months of the previous year (March 2009-March 2010) some 21,000 fatalities were reported.

Now the traffic authorities intend to cajole the country’s parliament to pass a law that would enable them to impose new stiffer regulations intended to instill better driving habits.


Iranians are being killed

by Shutruk on


Thousands of Iranians are being killled every year by the murderous regime of poor driving.

FREE IRAN fom bad drivers! Send in the tanks and bombers!

This is all the fault of the Islamic, rapist, terrorist government!