5 million Tehranis to be relocated to the provinces
Mehr News
10-Nov-2010 (8 comments)

EHRAN, Nov. 7 (MNA) – President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said five million inhabitants of Tehran Province - three million from the city of Tehran - should be transferred to other provinces.

This is the only way to solve numerous problems facing Tehran’s residents, Ahmadinejad told a group of executive managers of Tehran Province on Sunday.

Tehran Province homes about 12,300,000 people of whom 8,000,000 live in Tehran city and that means wasting time, getting nervous, getting stuck in traffic jam, suffering from air pollution and living in cramped apartment buildings, he stated.

Population, traffic, water shortage and living expenses are other problems, he added.

He also pointed to the potential threat of earthquakes, saying Tehran sits on several fault lines and it is seriously threatened by earthquakes.

“We cannot order people to evacuate the city... but provisions have to be made. At least five million should leave Tehran so it would be less crowded and more manageable in case of an incident.”

“We cannot predict wh


Tehran depopulation plan

by Shutruk on


The Government has decided that too many people live in the capital which is at breaking point in terms of its infrastructure. Most other cities in Iran don't have the same problems that Tehran faces. So, millions are being asked to leave and given incentives.




by Doctor mohandes on

They are offering Cashk?How much cashk are they offering?

Loans? What is the interest rate? Is this another way of doosheedane Melat?



Khob... Alhamdolelah

by Doctor mohandes on

The plan went Kaput. Good thing. Now let's get down to the buisness of Keereeating Jobz:)

They need to Close the door of their dokoons and quit with all these nanasi bazi and get serious about more crucial affairs.


I would be happy to be relocated

by Shutruk on

Tehran is a mess and urban sprawl.

The Government is offering cash, loans and jobs for people who move to other cities. They are moving much of the bureaucracy to these citites.

The city of Tehran would do nicely with a population of 5 million while Tehran province could be manageable with 10 million.


The plan is four million

by Abarmard on

Government employees to relocate away from Tehran. Today this plan has been rejected by Majles as illegal. Before jumping to the conclusion, we have to see what happens, nothing yet.

Hoshang Targol

Tehran remains ( for better or worse) the center of protests

by Hoshang Targol on

in Iran. All these "relocation" tactics and strategies have this one point as their most important criteria.

As far as standars of living, it has been practically uninhabitable for some years now. Just pay attention to days of alerts on the condition of air, water, waste system malfunction,....

According to a report in Etemad Melli (unless there are plans to deal with air, water and noise pollution) the whole city will be uninhabitable in less than three years. 


The "earthquake" Mahmood bi_mokh is frightened of....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Is the repeat of 2009 Ashura day million plus demostrations by brave Tehranis, with a few thousand AK_47s thrown in..... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Anonymous Observer

That's what the Khmer Rouge did also

by Anonymous Observer on

They thought that there were too many people in the cities and "relocated" them.  Funny how the IR follows in the footsteps of every dictatorship that has ever existed on this planet. :-)