Do neoconservatives really care about the Iranian opposition?
Foreign Policy / Ali Gharib
19-Nov-2010 (4 comments)

Noting the rare opposition figures that have wondered if sanctions will pressure the regime, others have pointed out that perhaps Iranian activists can't speak out publicly for concern out of their safety. But Tahmasebi, who came to the U.S. recently for a visit and was given an award by Human Rights Watch, said that Iranian activists' opposition to war and sanctions are principled human rights positions."Human rights activists have to be transparent to ensure that their voices are credible at home. And they have to be consistent with their message," she told me. "In public and in private, they have been consistent in their opposition to sanctions and war because they are an extension of human rights abuses. They only serve to hurt human rights in Iran."

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by afshinazad on

Today we have the Islamic fascism in Iran and every day getting worst than ever and if any one dare to talk and we all trying to be possitive about our country and our nations future and sadly it is not what we are we have western countries who are bankrupt and they need money and if you recall the history you would find same games are played with our country.what is sad we the Iranian people don't like to be responsible for our own destiny and we always trying to find the short cuts and we don't plan and think for long run.If some advocate for military action because there is not much of chance to change the regime within and if there people who oppose the war or even sanction because some what they are adovating for existing of IRI and if Iranian want to avoid any military conflict must choose what is important to them it's their life or the country or the future of their children and as far as I know not many Iranian willing to choose to get killed. and the most Important issue is no one is willing to be responsible as a LEADER and without united parties and strong leader there can not be strong movement, before anything we need to put all the negatives a side and think as one and one goal,because in democratic society every voice will be heard and every party will have legal rights and going to share the power and if we are thinking democratic system, otherwise we will have same bullshit again and again over years to come. and ofcourse there is no absolut freedom and always there must be balance. Now who is this leader, who wants to lead us to freedom?


Rtayebi1 : why are you insulting "fahashehs"

by Bavafa on

Fahashehs have far more honor, integrity, gheyrat then these folks.



of course not

by rtayebi1 on

These barbaric Iranian, that constantly write about Surgical ATTACK(mahmodg) on Iran are nothing more then Malijack traitors. I don't see any difference between them and Omar, Genghis  khan and ...  They are just Iranian fahashehs. Down with IRI but to actually promote attacking Iran!!!  SHAME ON THEM  


Does Fred really care about Iranian people?


neocons are TAABLO. you could see them everywhere.