NYT Oversells WikiLeaks/Iranian Missiles Story
01-Dec-2010 (one comment)

.. it's possible that the North Koreans actually sold Iran missiles that they can use to strike Europe. Or they didn't do any such thing. that they sold them missiles that don't actually work. But the Timesseems to be going with the first story, based on secret documents that,when you actually read them, suggest strongly that the other two possibilities might be correct. In light of this, the decision not to publish the cable makes a lot more sense: You can make strong allegations about an official enemy without letting your readers see theless than overwhelming evidence.


NYT Misleading Reports


FAIR clearly documents how blatantly the New York Times reporting distorted some of the leaks in order to further demonize Iran and the "threat" it poses.  Not to mention the process by which the stories were picked (out of the 251,287 possible selections) by the New York Times seem suspect. It is worth mentioning that New York Times chose Iran "threat" as the main focus of the previous Afghan and the Iraq war logs too!   

New York Times has a long record of toeing the establishment line. In particular its role in promoting the Iraq war and actively misrepresenting the war.

is New York Times using these leaks as a campaign to launch a war on Iran?