Poll: Iranians support IRI and nukes
International Peace Institute / Craig Charney
09-Dec-2010 (60 comments)

The poll found that, by a massive three-to-one majority, Iranians want closer ties to the West, not reduced links. They also support Western criticism of Iranian human rights violations and aid to Iranian nongovernmental organizations.
Despite their desire for closer ties, however, as tensions have risen on the nuclear issue, Iranians have felt spurned by the West. Almost nine-tenths are now hostile to America—a 40-point increase on 2008—while 55 percent are unfavorable to Europeans.
The leaders of Iran’s opposition Green Movement are favored by roughly one-third of Iranians, the poll found, similar to theiIran, Lebanon, Israelis and Palestinians: New IPI Opinion Polls Two IPI opinion polls find Iranians want nuclear arms, Lebanese are critical of Hezbollah stances, Palestinians are hopeful, and Israelis, anxious. (The poll results on Iranian opinions is directly below. Click here to jump to the poll results on Lebanon, Israel, and the Palestinian Territories) Poll #1: IPI Iran Poll Finds Iranians Want Nuclear Arms, Spurn Deals to Halt Uranium Enrichment, but Worry About Sanctions and Isolation Iranians want nuclear weapons and reject proposed international deals to restrict the production of enriched uranium, but they are anxious about the international sanctions and isolation their country faces, a new poll has found. The polls were made public today at the International Peace Institute by the pollster, Craig Charney, President of Charney Research and ... >>>


Poll: Iranians support IRI and nukes

by Shutruk on


You can read the poll findings in full by clicking below. If you are a royalist, communist, green or bahai...look away now:


It is a good read.



Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

AN's reform

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The only reform AN wants is to become the new military dictator. Sure he wants VF gone but not to bring democracy; to be the new dictator.

AN loves democracy as much as VF loves Bahai and Adolf loved Jews!! 

To put your hope in AN is sheer stupidity. AN belongs in jail chained to VF. Maybe we can put the two of them in the same cell as Rajvaj. Then we get all the traitor losers in one place. 


No Fear

by Fair on

Are you saying that AN is for reforming the system?  That his agenda is to reduce the power of VF and increase the power of the executive to put more power in the hands of the people?  If so that is great.  But tha t means he is saying one thing and doing another, and this agenda of his must be an underground secret one.

You ask us to place  a lot of trust in a man who wants to increase the power of his own post, yet has openly called his opponents calling for peaceful change "dirt and dust" rather than acknowledging their desire for more opennes, transparency, and democracy.

Now comes to voting as a mechanism for change- if you remember, during Khatami time, reformers controlled both executive and legislative branch (at least for a period of time).  Even then, when the slightest challenge to the status quo was sensed by VF, GC, and Assembly of Experts, they would openly block it.  The reformers have already said publicly that reform has failed- the latest chapter in this failure is the putsch that happenned in June 2009, and the following bloodbath on full orders, blessing, and authorization of VF, AN, and IRGC stateless terrorists.  They have shown clearly that they will block change at all costs.  And I am saying (not advocating) that the next step down the road will INEVITABLY be violence, unless the establishment reverses their current path.  This is not what I advocate, this is the invariable lesson of history.  The incumbent dictator gets overconfident, thinks he can continue to ignore the people, and it backfires.  This is the same mistake that Shah made, and the mullahs in power today are making as well.  The end result will be the same- violent change.

As far as my belief system, there is no contradiction.  It is perfectly normal to have a long wishlist, realizing that it will not all be fulfilled at once.  But the first item on this wishlist is to stop being forced to follow a medieval 11th century set of rules.  Everything else is possible after that.  When the regime stops and blocks even this first step, then it holds responsibility for the ensuing chaos.  Don't blame me for the mistakes of your leaders.

In closing, I would like nothing more than for you to be right- for AN to be secretly pushing the system in the direction of more democracy.  But I hope you will understand why I am skeptical about this.


No Fear


by No Fear on

A few months ago, the administration of Dr. Ahmadinejad introduced a bill to the parliament for ratification. This bill asked for more administrative power to be given to the president ( an elected institution ). The new powers which were proposed , limited the powers of many organs related to the VF institution in Iran.

Obviously, hell broke loose and reformists were the first to accuse Ahmadinejad of becoming a dictator. The opposition abroad also jumped on the bandwagon without having a clue what was at stake.

Need i remind you that Ahmadinejad's term would have been over in few years and the bill was a direct attack on the VF doctorine?

Unfortunately, our parliament did not pass the bill. The new alliance of the conservatives and reformists in our parliament blocked this bill. Now, what would have happened if we had elected the right people in the parliament?

Then the bill would have gone to the Guardian Council for final legalization.  Three out of six member of this council is chosen by the parliament. The other three by VF. Now consider the administration , the parliament and three out of 6 members of the guardian council putting pressure on an institution to stay and remain only the religious authority in Iran.

I just illustrated how our votes can play an integral part in shaping our politics.

Like anywhere in the world, A minority government has very little chance of changing the laws. But if we control the parliament and the administration, we have a good chance to be very effective.

The other thing i like to point out after reading your reply is to point out that changes don't happen like turning on a light switch, unless you are an advocate of a violent revolution. I sense a contradiction in your belief system and your proclaimed approach of gradual changes.

See... the long wishlist that you have for Iran can not be accomplished over night ( unless you ask Santa Cluas) without having a revolution.

An advocate of gradual changes focuses on removal of the obstacle of changes. Like limiting the authoritive power of religious elites, like allowing unpresedented freedom of press and expression, like fighting corruption, like genuine attempts to change the laws etc.



Shushtari, No Fear

by Fair on

Shushtari Jan you are very kind, thank you.  Indeed the writing is on the wall, cheezi keh ayan ast, cheh hajat beh bayan ast.  This is the definition of "house of cards", LOL:)


No Fear- you are *partially* right.  Indeed I am a critic,  and indeed I criticize the IR on topics in which it receives a poor grade (which is just about everything).  And yes, I advocate change.

Where you are wrong is that I do NOT advocate revolution, nor do I compare Iran to advanced countries. Those who want to change the subject from IR's failures miserably attempt here to draw completely flawed parallels to advanced countries and sound ridiculous in the process, and I counter them.

I compare Iran to what it used to be, and to what countries that used to be like Iran are like today.  Why?  Because those are hard realities and data, not figments of our imagination.  Therefore they are very valid countries to compare Iran today to.

So I and millions of Iranians advocate change, much preferably through nonviolent means.  Whether in the end change comes by revolution, violence, or peacefully is COMPLETELY in the hands of those in power in Iran, like the criminal murderer in your avatar. The longer this will of the people is suppressed, the more likely the change will come violently.  And the responsibility for this eventuality will be COMPLETELY in the hands of the system you are putting your faith in. Our people have been extremely patient and civilized, and the world has witnessed and attested to this, there is no hiding from this one.

Now regarding vibrant or not- indeed our SOCIETY has a violent political discourse, but our GOVERNMENT will not (unless you are living in the 11th century).  So it depends on your standard- the islamic republic has a vibrant political discourse by medieval and 11th century standards- we can debate whether or not stoning should really happen, or is just symbolic.  Or whether a woman is indeed worth half a man or not. Or whether we can hae instrumental music as opposed to no music.  But we CANNOT debate whether or not a supreme leader of religious background and UNELECTED by the people should hold power, let alone exist.  We CANNOT debate whether the koran and Islamic law should be allowed to overruled in any aspect of any law.  However, if you fast forward to the 21st century planet earth, the discourse in the rest of the planet (including the most populous muslim nations) is one of democracy, pluralism, religious freedom, human rights, economic /scientific/technological growth, and environmental sustainability.  This discourse is also very alive and well amog the Iranian people, both inside and outside Iran, and the only thing standing in the way of our advancement is the backward religious system which goes against the rest of world.

So I am not exclusive, I am for change, and if you or any element of the islamic republic or former regime official or IRGC member are also for change and you just think you know a better way to get there,  then great, tell me how I can help and let's work together.  But how that happens under the current constitution which is a 12th century constitution which grants massive power to a religious leader, including the power to suppress the people and veto the will of the people, good luck finding such a way. 


Also, before you tell me how much "results" the opposition has to show, you can share with the readers here how much results the reformers loyal to the regime have shown as well, they are not any better.  Reform has failed, and the reformers have said so themselves. When the Khatami's and Mousavis and Karroubis and Montazeris of our society are imprisoned and gagged and terrorized in their own homes, what room do you think there is for the Bakhtiars or the Bazargans or the Mossadeq's of our society?

So if you care so much about being part of your homeland, the first thing you must decide is what part of your homeland you want to put first- the Iranian people or the government that rules over those people under religious law.

I have decided a long time ago and have never had any question about it.  Have you?




fair jaan

by shushtari on

please ignore sargord goozee here....


this guy doesn't even know what iran looks like, and he's yapping about what is iran or anti-iran


the writing is on the wall- the mullahs are scared s$$tless, that is why there are suppressing anyone who speaks out against them....

if they were indeed popular, they would have no fear of a 'minority' desent


thanks for your great posts 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Marhoum Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Sheep are a gift from heaven :-) They bring many benefits to man kind (fewer to woman kind :-) Sirabi; Kallhe Pache; Donbalan; Donbeh ; all are benefit. But they pale compared to kurk and pashm.

Seriously I have spent a lot of time reading about rugs. It is amazing how you turn relatively worthless fur into things of beauty. Now you keep laughing if you want. But do not take rugs lightly!! Actually some are pretty heavy.


I even found a rug made of horse hair:


No Fear


by No Fear on

I have read most of your posts and i have followed your writings closely.

You follow a very simple approach in your arguements. As a critic ( which you are ), you pick a topic which IR has a poor grade in, then you compare the situation with pre revolution Iran (if it is relevent) or you measure it up against advanced countries. After exposing a weakness, you advocate the violent removal of IR by Iranians by raising concern about the incompetency of the regime.

Almost all anti IR groups and personalities who advocate another revolution follow the same method of arguementation. It is a very simple and effective way to propagandize. Afterall, many like you are doing it and going strong for 30 years. ( Lets not talk about the results though ).

I am not here to judge you on facts or fictions ( Whether its the truth or not ). Anyone with some skills in politics or persuasion can rally support for their causes. The one who has the most support, is the one telling the truth ( Truth is relative ).  The majority is always right. 

But why not support those within the current frame work of our constitution to take you one step closer to your ideal?

You will never find a ride to take you all the way. Why not plan multiple stops along the way and start you trip now? Do you honestly believe in another revolution? Why do you subscribe to leftist outdated solutions? Haven't you learned your lesson yet?

Despite what you might think, our politic is vibrant and offers many room for activism. Vote and be part of your homeland.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

  • I would manage Presidential elections like it is done in the civilized world. It is not a new concept or rocket science. Yes: everyone who is an Iranian citizen over age of 18 gets to run.
  • MKO is a red herring. The leadership like Rajavis are no different than AN and Khamenei. All are selfish criminal traitors. Many nations do not allow convicted criminals to run so there needs to be a REAL trial and those convicted may be barred. Personally I am not afraid of letting them run. I would think if they were allowed they would not get many votes.
  • A civilized justice does not allow retribution. Yes I would leave justice out of the hands of victims and have the professional justice system deal with it.
  • Regarding Nuclear: I would puirsue it just like India does: full force. Along with good relations. Being friends does not mean being slaves. Nuclear remains; but I would stop talking too much like AN does.
  • Fatwahs are not opinions they have the force of LAW. They religions in nature and mix religion and civil government. Judicial opinions must come from properly trained and elected or appointed government judges. Opinions are fine but not when they have the force of law. Therefore fatwahs will be banned.
  • Regional autonomy will be very limited. It means they get to chose for example the second language (Persian being the first). They get to decide to elect their own representatives. Very much like states in the USA. There will be no more risk of separatism than now. When people feel they are heard they do not want to separate. That happens when people feel shafted by the central government.
  • I would stop the money being siphoned into pockets of ruling elite. I would bring in "outsourcing" jobs specially high tech from the West. I would encourage millions of Iranians outside to invest their money in Iran. I would make deals with China to set up solar energy plants. All of these generate money. The combined amounts will go to improve educations ...
  • I would stop mixing Arab and Islamic stuff with Norooz. I would stupid statements like "Arabic is language of heaven" or "Noroz is some Imam birthday". If Moharram or Ramadan coincide with Norooz; then Norooz wins. If people want to sing; dance and drink that is fine. I would have official celebration of Charshanbeh Soori. I would not threaten to drown Persepolis under some god damn dam and so on. 




by Fair on

Unfortunately, you are absolutely right, the islamic republic will do everything it can to prolong its illegitimate grip on power, and the last thing it cares about is the well being and advancement of the Iranian people.  They would much rather take care of people in South Lebanon and Gaza, and they do.  That is why a scum like Nasrallah can have the gall to completely put down Iranian culture, knowing he has the full backing of the government occupying Iran.

Sad but true.  The most anti Iran force on this planet is the government occupying Iran, together with its pathetic supporters here and elsewehere.


wrong on all counts

by Fair on

1-Criticizing the handling of the economy does not make you at war with God.  Denouncing the supreme leader and the islamic republic does.

2-Sampling questions- the method in WPO poll did not address what is a representative sampling population, and demographic data was from the islamic republic government's statistical center itself.  So both the WPO poll and this one fail miserably to justify their sampling method and estimation of margin of error.

3-Independent pollsters in the US use the methods they do precisely because there is plenty of information and transparency available from which representative sample populations can be chosen, or at least verified.  Such data does not exist in Iran, and everything is subject to government censorship, making the use of methods used by independent pollsters of the US in Iran extremely difficult and virtually impossible to justify, let alone claim a margin of error of 3.7%.


It is very simple Colonel Sanders- if such a claim were true, and if so many of Iranians supported Ahmadinejad, there would be no need for one of the most brutal widespread crackdowns in the world and the large scale suppression of millions of people and closing down of scores of newspapers and turning Iran into the world's largest prison for reporters.  After all, what is there to hide?

You can't answer that either, can you?  All you can do is say "anti-Iran", without even being able to define Iran.  That is why you are the laughing stock of this website and nobody takes you seriously.



by yolanda on

Hi! Fair,

"we import gasoline while swimming in oil"

It is very sad, but well said!

Only 9 countries in the whole world can launch satellites, Iran is one of them......//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satellite

The irony is that Iran can launch satellites, enrich uranium, and create its own yellow cake, but Iran can't produce enough "quality" gasoline.....Mexico and Venezuela can't launch satellites, but they can refine crude oil....I know I/I war damaged refineries.......but the war ended 22 years ago/Saddam is dead.......IRI gives money away to Hamaz, Afghanistan, and Hezbollas lavishly........but its refineries are in bad shape & can't meet the local demand......people in Tehran are choked on the car emissions generated from low quality fuel.....it is so sad!.......I wonder when IRI will set its priority right and take care of its own people!

Sargord Pirouz

Fair,  The supposed fear

by Sargord Pirouz on


The supposed fear factor: Respondents of this poll didn't seem to have a problem with faulting the handling of the economy. If the respondents were genuinely fearful as you say, they wouldn't be so open with this criticism. 

Sampling questions. This was explained in detail for the WPO poll, which you also summarily dismissed because it didn't conform to your views. This IPI poll doesn't go into such detail, but if you were genuinely interested the polling outfit is available for contact. It should be pointed out these independent pollsters use the same methodology for their polls in the US, which according to WPO a larger number of people elect not to be polled (in the US, that is). So that also contradicts your supposed "fear factor".

But yeah, this is not going to be good enough for you, right Fair? To anything that is not vehemently anti-Iran, you resort to closing your eyes, putting your hands over your ears and screaming at the top of your lungs.

Hey, you didn't answer: are you a US citizen? 


Here is some advice for you Colonel Sanders-

by Fair on

Go get a country.

And here is some more advice- stop giving yourself more credit than you deserve.

To gooze man ham neestee keh bekhahee ba feelinge man karee konee.:)

Read my post, answer the qeustions about statistical validity.  Until then, you make the five year old schoolgirl with a tantrum look extremely rational.

Like I always say, khar khodetee badbakhte beevatan!



Sargord Pirouz

Sorry to hurt your feelings again, Fair

by Sargord Pirouz on

But you really need to face reality and leave the emotional baggage behind. Obviously the people of Iran have. 85% voted in the election with roughly 60% going to Ahmadinejad. Four independent polls reflect this, consistently. 

Now you can throw verbal temper tantrums about this reality like a five year old schoolgirl. Or you can admit to yourself that for a sizable majority of the Meehan, they have moved on.

And come on, Fair: admit it, I've provided you with sound advice. You're no longer relevant to the Meehan. Your relevancy is right here. You prefer it here. Leave the Iranians inside Iran alone to figure things out for themselves. That's the right thing to do. If you still want to make a contribution to the people in the old country, do like I do: vote in the presidential elections.

But your days of being relevant to the Meehan are long gone, pal. How long ago was it you left? You are an American citizen, right? 


Colonel Sanders Badbakhte Beevatan

by Fair on

You have no country, adopted or otherwise.  You couldn't identify "those living in Iran" if they were 30 cm in front of you. 

If you are serious about letting Iranians decide for themselves, you will withdraw your advocacy of the suppression of their rights to peacefully express themselves.  The fact that you don't speaks volumes, and makes you more than just irrelevant to Iran- it makes you an enemy of Iran.

Meanwhile, I will let the people of Iran decide whether I or anybody is relevant, not a fraud stateless terrorist like you who pretends to be even remotely related to Iran.



by Fair on

Thank you for your kind words, and all your posts as well.  I always enjoy reading them.

For 31 years these shameless terrorists have been insisting to our people that they stand up to the US, that God is on their side, and the hardships they are subjecting our people to are worth it because of our "strength" in the region.  Meanwhile the US 5th fleet dominates and fully controls the Persian Gulf, calls it the Arabian Gulf, Iran is in a box with archaic technology which our neighbors' militaries just laugh at, we import gasoline while swimming in oil, we waste our natural gas while our neighbors make a killing off of it, and our economy is still dominated by oil  Even our oil industry  infrastructure is decaying rapidly and a joke, such that we can produce and refine only a fraction of what we used to 30 years ago.   Our people have NOTHING to show for it when it comes to their lives- their day to day hardships, their future opportunities, and their childrens' futures.  All this while the same mullahs who spew all this BS enrich themselves, and hold large amounts of wealth around the world for themselves and their families.  At least if the Shah did that, he built some top notch universities and some competitive rapidly growing industries, and the middle class was growing.


Sargord Pirouz

Well, Fair, attacking the

by Sargord Pirouz on

Well, Fair, attacking the messenger is typical of you.

Face it, guy, your whole house of cards has fallen. Your opinions are very much in the minority of those living in Iran.

I've some advice: realize that you are no longer in synch with or relevant to Iran. And the next time you visit, behave like a guest. Because you're no more than that.

Let Iranians decide for themselves, as they did during the 2009 election. You? You're now roughly the same brand of Iranian as I. Where you might have me is you were born there, where I have you is I actually vote in Iranian elections. So here's the deal, especially if you don't wish to participate in Iran's elections: restrict your advocacy to your adopted country- it's the only place you're relevant.   


Science Lesson

by Fair on

Interesting how "them" Iranians living outside of Iran (as opposed to yourself, a Martian living in Iran perhaps?) need to learn scientific process from you?  What makes you qualified? "Them" Iranians living outside Iran include some of the most brilliant scientific minds (including some Nobel Laureates), like Dr Naderi, Javan, Zadeh, and just about all of the top alumni of Iran's top universities, including AFTER the revolution.

If you had the slightest clue about scientific process, probability and statistics, you would realize that the key concept in statistics is understanding, quantifying, and controlling uncertainty. So when sampling any population to infer an underlying process involving that population, it is crucial how you choose samples from a representative subspace in order to justify using much fewer samples than the entire population.  For Charney to even begin to claim this poll as possibly valid, he needs to define how he comes up with a "representative national sample of Iranians".  He also needs to explain how he corrects for the inherent bias towards answering safely, in a society where people are raped and executed for opposing an islamic republic, and telephones are tapped and controlled.  Without that, this poll is statistically not only flawed, but just outright bogus.

Of course, you know nothing about these things, yet you give yourself the right to educate "them" Iranians.  Why am I not surprised by an advocate for a system which recognizes frauds like Ahmadinejad and Kamran Daneshjoo as doctors, and an ideology which gives a guy with a turban the right to dictate to the masses what to think, eat, wear, drink, and believe.  So much for "scientific process".

Hoshang Targol

اسنادويکی ليکس از مراکز ديده بانی آمريکا در باره ايران

Hoshang Targol

.اسنادويکی ليکس از مراکز ديده بانی آمريکا در باره ايران:نتيجه
انتخابات - موسوی 61 درصد،کروبي، 10 تا 12 ميليون و احمدی نژاد 4 تا 5
ميليون رای
نشريه آمريکايی «فارين پاليسی» در گزارشی به افشای مراکز آمريکايی ديده‌بان
ايران در جهان پرداخته است که اسناد مربوط به آنها را ويکي‌‌ليکس منتشر
کرده بود.

به نوشته باربارا اسليون، ويکي‌ليکس درواقع نه تنها راهکار آمريکا در
قبال ايران را افشا کرده، بلکه به اين نکته هم اشاره کرده است که آمريکا به
روش‌های غيرمرسوم، اطلاعاتی درباره کشوری به‌دست آورده است که تماس مستقيم
محدودی با آن دارد.

در مرکز تلاش‌های آمريکا «مراکز ديد‌ه‌بان ايران» قرار دارد که آمريکا
در بيش از 10 شهر در کشورهای نزديک ايران و غرب اروپا به راه انداخته است




by yolanda on

Thank you, Fair, for all your posts........you are a great debater! Great job!



Ayatollah Shutruk

by Fair on

has done no such thing.  The US 5th fleet is going NOWHERE, the strong trade ties you have established with China and elsewhere are to the advantage of those countries, not ours, because they know we have nowhere else to go.  And no, Palestinians will not be freed from Zionist or any oppression by the current path.

All Iranians do not have healthcare, education for women is NOT something that only the Ayatollah provides (if anything the ayatollah teaches women they are half human), and the poor are way worse off than they would be if the ayatollah would not be following stupid isolationist policies that benefit south lebanon way more than Iranians.

So finally, NO, 85% of Iranians DO NOT vote for your stupidity to continue.  Your stupidity has got us nothing in the last 31 years, and you want to try more of the same. 

You might like failure and dead end for our people, I don't.

marhoum Kharmagas

Kalleh paache for breakfast? (to VPK)

by marhoum Kharmagas on

"There we can turn sheep fur and worm excretions into multi-thousand
dollar rugs. A source of wealth that does not run out like oil.

Peyghambar jaan, how about increasing the number of sheep, so everyone can have kalleh paache (*) for breakfast?

(*) or siraabi.... in Esfan


Questions for Veiled Prophet

by Shutruk on


  • How would you manage a presidential election? Would you allow anyone to put his or her name on the ballot? How would you then ensure a fair election by giving everyone equal access to the media?
  • Would you let felons, spies and members of armed opposition groups like the MKO stand for office?
  • Would you deny the right of retribution given to the families of those murdered by the likes of Jundallah or to serial killers?
  • How would you pursue a nuclear program and have good relations with the West who don't want one no matter what the regime in power is?
  • Why would you ban fatwas which are no more than juristic opinions?
  • Would you grant autonomy to the Sunni regions at the risk of separatism and influnce from outside powers?
  • How would you improve education by using the mere $100m given to Hezbollah?
  • How would you respect pre-Islamic traditions like Now Rooz and Yalda any more than they are afforded respect now?


It seems you want to set up your own secular dictatoship.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

VPK recipe

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Well we heard Shutruk approach now mine. I would go for a cooperative approach.

  • First of all I would defund Hizbollah and Hamas.
  • Get rid of forced mandatory hijab.
  • I would allow people to chose their religion or none.
  • Base the government on secular NOT atheistic principles.
  • I would teach real history in schools. Including the Arab invasion and what they really did.
  • No more filtering of candidates. Anyone gets to run including communists and monarchists. People get to decide who is fit and not for office.
  • I would forge strong ties with traditionally Iranian regions: Afghanistan; Central Asia; Eastern Iraq and specially Tajikistan. Set up a free trade zone allowing movement of jobs and goods without hinderance.
  • Focus on solar power generation. Make a deal with China; in return for oil they would help set up massive solar power generators. Then sell the power to other regions.
  • Re-establish subsidies for basics.
  • Make lots of universities and trade schools. Make them cheap or free using the money being wasted on the Hizbollah and Palestinians.
  • Live like a normal Iranian and not stash away billions ill gotten money.
  • Massively increase Iranian rug industry. There we can turn sheep fur and worm excretions into multi-thousand dollar rugs. A source of wealth that does not run out like oil.
  • Massively promote outsourcing of jobs from West to Iran. Specially tech jobs.
  • Stop bashing religious mubo jumbo into people's heads.
  • Ban death penalty.
  • Ban fatwaths. If some Mollah gives a fatwah treat it as incitement to violence. No more Mollah running loose terrorizing people.
  • Show respect for our culture and ancient history. Respect our pre-Islamic ways and not shit on them. Respect persian.
  • Allow regional autonomy so various regions. So they take responsibility for their own problems.
  • Most importantly get people to take responsibility. Not to look to the government for all their solutions. At the same time be there when they need us. 
  • Have a powerful military and YES a nuclear program. Speak softly but carry a big stick. The opposite of AN who talks too much and carries a limp piece of rubber.
  • Stop picking on Jews and looking for a fight that is now ours.

Iran will have both improved economy and gain respect. We tried the IRI way; now it is time for a new way. One based on sanity and respect not hate and war.


Hoshang Targol

while the vile Shotor was dreaming, the inhabitants of Tehran

by Hoshang Targol on

Isfahan, Mash'had,... were choking to death because of the smog and "development" under the Ayatt Shayttan.

20آذر.آلودگی هوا:20 درصدافزايش مرگ‌ومير درمشهد براثر بيماري‌هاى تنفسى در چندروزاخير


رييس شوراى اسلامى شهر مشهد گفت: هر چه شهر مشکلات زيست محيطى بيشترى
داشته باشد، مردم برخورد بيشترى با هم دارند و سهم آنان از آرامش و شادى
کمتر خواهد بود.

به گزارش خبرنگار خبرگزارى دانشجويان ايران(ايسنا)، منطقه خراسان،
مهندس "عباس شيرمحمدى" در سمينار "شهر سبز و محيط زيست شهرى" در تالار
فردوسى مجتمع دکتر على شريعتى جهاد دانشگاهى مشهد، با اشاره به اينکه
آلودگى هوا يکى از مهمترين چالش‌هاى کلان‌شهرى مثل مشهد است، افزود: آلودگى
صوتى و به‌دنبال آن افزايش پرخاشگرى و ناآرامى مردم و همچنين آلودگى نورى و
بصري، از ديگر معضلات زيست محيطى مراکز بزرگ شهرى است.

وى مدعى شد: در همين چند روز اخير مرگ‌ومير مردم مشهد بر اثر بيماري‌هاى تنفسى 20 درصد افزايش داشته است.


18آذر: مرگ بيش از 3500نفر بر اثر آلودگی هواي‌ تهران




What Shutruk (Shuki) would do

by Shutruk on


"Ayatollah Shutruk" in the meantime has built Iran into a nuclear and regional power, kicked the Arab-loving US 5th fleet out of the *Persian* Gulf, established strong trade ties with China, India, Brazil and countries that are not debt-ridden, and has freed the Palestinians from Zionist oppression

In addition, he has provided healthcare to all Iranians, education for women, water and electricity to the villages and housing for the poor.

As a result, *85%* of Iranians vote to keep Ayatollah Shutruk's regime in power.


dear fair

by shushtari on

right on the money as usual....


don't pay attention to our cyber basijis here......I'm sure they're getting paid 9.95 per hour to write this crap LOL 

Sargord Pirouz

Law enforcement

by Sargord Pirouz on

How about that 60% support for law enforcement efforts during the post-election demonstrations.

How about the poll results mirroring the official 2009 presidential election results.

Yes, Sargord has been right the past 16 moths.

Don't you self-exiled types ever get tired of being wrong? Many of you have been on the same losing streak now for over 31 years!  


How about maybe....

by Fair on

I am going to call myself Grand  Ayatollah Shutruk, declare myself leader of the world's muslims (majority of whom want nothing to do with me), and call an election in which only I or those controlled my me can choose who is allowed to run.  Then when my preferred candidate's "victory" is challenged by millions of Iranians, I will declare war on them.  I will call all those who oppose me enemies of God.  I will order the rape, torture, imprisonment without trial or charge of all those who oppose me.  I will build and maintain an army of plaineclothes thugs, give them guns and motorcycles and license to kill my opponents.  I will declare as divine law stoning, amputation, and lashing people as punishment.  I will call millions of Iranians who want their universal human rights "foreign agents", yet I will take the money and resources of those very people and pay Lebanese Shiites and Palestinian Islamists lavishly, and pick fights with Israel, a country which could destroy Iran in 45 minutes when I can't do squat against them.  I will take US diplomats hostage for 444 days, say America can't do a damn thing, and have the Iranian people live with the consequences for 31 years.  I will dismantle my country's army, declare all rulers in my neighboring countries are corrupt and should be overthrown and replaced by people like me, and when the resulting war happens, I will tell the Iranian people go fight with empty hands, Allah is with you and you will win with martyrdom while I go hide in a bunker in Ghom or Jamaran with a bunch of other incompetent, stinky, countryless mullahs.  8 years and 1 million lives and 1 trillion dollars later, I will say "oops, I guess I will drink poison, never mind".  Oh and during all this wonderful rule, I will kill thousands of people in prison, raping them first of they are virgin girls so they don't go to heaven.  I will make a woman half as valuable as a man. When I die I will be buried in a gold shrine, despite having contributed absolutely nothing besides death, destruction, ignorance, and isolation to Iran.




Meanwhile, back on Earth in the 20th and 21st centuries...


THAT IS HOW *STUPID* YOU SOUND.  The sad thing is that your BS example was hypothetical.  What I described above ACTUALLY HAPPENED.  So not only you SOUNDED stupid, you actually WERE AND CONTINUE to be stupid, and support one of the world's most stupid and backward and absurd regimes in existence.



You people are all crazy

by Shutruk on



This site is just some masturbatory fantasy land where people can deny reality (like a nationwide survey) and pretend that they are the rulers of Iran.



OK, I am naming myself "Vishtaspa Aryamehr" and I am going to set up a New Persian Empire stetching from Greece to India with Mithraism as the new religion -  all the mullahs are going to be sent to the salt mines. I will change the Perso-Arabic script into cuneiform (mikhi) and abolish all the Arabic words in the Persian language replacing them with ancient Parthian ones. 

I am going to develop good relations with America *and * develop nuclear weapons. I am going to build nightclubs all over Tehran and turn Shemiran into a gay theme park.

I have the support of 99.999% of Iranians...I know because I say so. The IRI regime has 2 days left...after then it will be finished.


meanwhile, back on Earth.....that is how stooopid you sound.