Son of Shah says brother has depression /
05-Jan-2011 (4 comments)

BOSTON (AP) — The oldest son of the former shah of Iran spoke of the "tragic consequences" of depression Wednesday as he reacted to the suicide of his younger brother, who was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at his Boston home.

Reza Pahlavi fought back tears as he remembered his brother, Alireza Pahlavi, 44, and spoke about how depression has taken a toll on his family


Son of Shah says brother has depression

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Reza said his brother "left behind his final wishes," including his request for his cremated remains to be released into the Caspian Sea. The family is finalizing plans for a memorial service, which will likely be held in the Washington, D.C., area.


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NIMH: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment of Depression

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if on SSRIs due to depression, suicide is a known side-effect!

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"SSRIs and Suicide Risk: A Concern for Adults, Too?

Perhaps, but failure to treat moderate-to-severe depression is also a concern; clinicians should continue to use SSRIs but should monitor patients closely."




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The prince wanted his ash scattered into Caspian Sea....apparently he loved Iran.....

It is so sad to end like this!