Iran to become 12 largest economy in the world by 2015
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15-Jan-2011 (3 comments)

Iran will be the world's top 12th economy of the world by the next five years, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated.

Iran's economy is currently in the 17th place in the world, the president said, adding by 2015 (the end of the fifth five-year development plan) the country would be in the 12th place.

The 20-Year Outlook Plan has envisaged ranking the first in the region by the next twenty years, but the country is already in the first place in many fields, Ahmadinejad added.


Iran to become 12th largest economy in the world

by Shutruk on


The fact is that despite sanctions and threats of war Iran's economy is on the way up. This comes as a disappointment to enemies of Iran and self-hating Iranians, but Iran is on course to being a major economic and industrial power in the region and the world.




by Shutruk on


Yes, Sargard:


The enemy has waged war, sanctions, subversion and threats in a bid to derail the Revolution and cripple the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Despite all this, it is the efforts of the Iranian people that jas thwarted this. Now, Iran is in a position to assume its rightful place in the world.  


Just think what they'd be

by SargordPirouz on

Just think what they'd be without sanctions and then you realize that's why they're being sanctioned by the hegemonists.