LACMA remembers Elizabeth Taylor's trip to Iran with photographer Firooz Zahedi in exhibit
27-Jan-2011 (one comment)

It seems like ages ago that Elizabeth Taylor was a bona fide movie star and not the butt of cruel jokes. At the height of her fame, the paparazzi would hound the actress as she traveled the world for film shoots, charity work and quite often for pleasure with her long series of husbands. Starting in late February, one of Taylor's many foreign excursions will be the subject of a photography exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, scheduled to run Feb. 26 to June 12.

In 1976, Taylor visited Iran for the first and presumably only time, accompanied by Firooz Zahedi, who would go on to become a celebrity photographer. Taylor visited a variety of sites, including ancient Persepolis, and was photographed as a tourist -- sometimes posing for the camera and other times disappearing (as much as a celebrity of her stature could at the time) into the scene.

"Elizabeth Taylor in Iran" will feature 32 photographs -- in color and black-and- white -- that will be on display on the fourth floor of the Ahmanson Building. Some of Zahedi's photographs show Taylor in traditional Persian dress that she purchased in Isfahan.

Zahedi was born in Iran in 1949 but grew up in England. He studied at Georgetown University and later at the Corcoran School of Art... >>>

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