Bolton: Mubarak’s Downfall Would Mean We Need To Bomb Iran Sooner
ThinkProgress / Alex Seitz-Wald
01-Feb-2011 (2 comments)

Former Bush Ambassador John Bolton has been one of the few defenders of the Mubarak regime in Egypt after massive anti-government protests broke out there last week. Yesterday on Fox News host Sean Hannity’s radio program, Bolton continued his defense of the authoritarian regime, noting the “substantial economic growth” under Mubarak’s reign, and warned that the dictator’s downfall would “speed” the timetable for what he views as an inevitable war with Iran

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at least nut-Bolt-on didn't advocate nuking Iran as before!!!!

by MM on

Bolton is such a nut-job, I do not know how anyone can name him the chief defender of the sane world...

Now, he has named MKO as the defender of democracy in Iran too.

STHU man


Isn't Bolton one of Fred shining star for the "sane world"

by Bavafa on

It has been interesting that the very people such as Bolton or Netanyahu who beat their chest for democracy and want to bomb other nations for lack of democracy have been the chief defender of Mubrak.