Larijani mocks U.S. talk of democracy in Egypt
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05-Feb-2011 (one comment)

Larijani mocks U.S. talk of democracy in Egypt

BABOLSAR – Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani has mocked U.S. officials’ comments about democracy in Egypt, saying Washington’s purpose of promoting democracy in the Middle East region is probably ‘camel democracy’.

Larijani was referring to pro-Mubarak demonstrators who rode camels through an anti-government protest in Tahrir Square in Cairo on Tuesday.

Larijani is of the opinion that the regime of Mubarak, which is strongly supported by the White House, would not have attacked the pro-democracy protestors with camels and horses without a signal by Washington officials.

“It is clear that you (the U.S.) want to create American democracy in the region. If you had sought to promote real democracy, you would have not ordered horse and camel riders to violently attack the demonstrators. It is camel democracy,” Larijani said during a ceremony held on Thursday in the northern city of Babolsar to commemorate military commanders martyred in the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war.

The Majlis speaker also addressed the U.S. officials, saying, “It is none of your business that what is going on in Egypt. One day they say we will help the Egyptians. One day they say we stand with the Egyptian people. Why do you think you have any status in the region?”

“Have you forgotten your defeat in Iraq? Have you forgotten you were stuck in a quagmire in Afghanistan?” he added.


Mardomsalari ye shotor

by Shutruk on

There is no doubt that the Mubarak regime is as hated in Tehran as that of Saddam Hussein. What a turn-around from last year.