Iranians celebrate their Revolution: photos
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12-Feb-2011 (12 comments)

In Iran, millions of people from all walks of life held rallies across the country to commemorate the 32nd anniversary and victory of the Islamic Revolution.


Iranians celebrate their Revolution: photos

by Shutruk on

Once again the Iranian people have marched in support of their independence and self-determination and against hegemonic powers and their self-hating Iranian stooges. It is particularly sweet that Mubarak resigned on the 22nd of Bahman.



What a change indeed!

by on

Mahmoudg finally saw the light. He stopped calling for attacks at all costs against Iran after His beloved Zionists and the US both totally shut up mentioning anything even remotely close to meaning a military attack, the reason is simple, Iran cannot be attacked, period!

I guess it is true that time is a big healer. In this case Mahmoudg's and his ilks bloated war mongering wishes. It all went to hell further after the fall of the biggest stooge of US/West and the Zio-fascists. 

Devine justice blew you all away w/o Iran raising a finger.  That is called magic!



The IRI will not make the mistake of Dr. Mossadegh

by Shutruk on


Azadi square will never be hijacked by counter-revolutionaries backed by the United States - the White House is doing his best to help organize this 25th Bahman rally - just check what VP Biden has said already on the subject. 

The Green movement never accepted the results of the election ,and will of the majority, which means it is illegitimate and criminal.

Mossadegh's government collapsed because a mob paid for by Britain and America took to the streets - the IRI is not going to make the same mistake. The protest must be nipped in the bud.

I call on all Iranians to block public access to anyone treacherous enough to appear at this illegal and seditious demonstration.


if you guys are proud of

by mahmoudg on

the so called "millions" who came to the streets, then why be petrified of a few thousand who desire to come out on the 25 Bahman.  Would it not show the world that your beloved Islamic Rapist Cultist is a democracy?? 

I think not, because a dictator is a dictator is a dictator whether on motorbikes or on shotor.


we keep hearing

by MRX1 on

from IRR supporters (who incidently all prefer to live any where except islamic paradise) that IRR is poverfull and envy of others.If it's so power full why did it give up more than 80% of Iranian share in Caspian sea over night?  how come all that power couldn't prevent a loss of territory to a bunch of  tiny and worned out soviet republics? who exactly is farid of this pover? as for envy who exactly is envious of IRR? apparently even muslim brotherhood in egypt who has quite in  common with ruling cockroaches in Iran do not want any help or recognition from IRR!

you see boys, you say so much crap ona daily basus that  you are even begining to believe your own lies as truth!!!


what a bunch of

by shushtari on


I bet they were giving away free sandis by the truckloads! LOL


I wonder why the mullahs don't let anyone who opposes them protest????!    the answer is that all of iran would get up and run these thieves into the sea!

they are scared for their lives....otherwise, they would not stop dissidents from marching freely! 


استقلال، آزادی....


دفعه دیگه ماتیک قرمز تر از تورنتو برام بیاری!


Hurray!!!!!!!!!! Cheshme hasood koor!!!!!!!!

by on

Well said Shuturk! Indeed congratulations to all true Iranian patriots who held their position in their revolution and managed to the regional power that it is today in the ME w/o a rival. Iran today, is an envy to many who love to it as a pathetic third world nation like during the Shah's time. Iran today is bold, daring, competent in International affairs with a powerful homemade military that the sole superpower and its dog the Zio-fascists don't dare to even attempt to take any military aggressions. Iranian revolution, in spite of its many shortcomings, has a lot to celebrate for. Again, congratulations to all with the revolution and condolences to those against it. ;-) 


Where Real Iranian will be

by IranFirst on

..and none of these Sundis-khors, forced-to-prticipate, bused-in, koor-o-katchals,basijis, ... Are welcome




Who is

by fussygorilla on

that very beautiful young woman on the first photo holding the sign?   I guess to Iranfirst, she is one of those  "koor kachal"?  or is he confusing Rafsanjani with Karoubi and his ilk? 



Bunch of Sundis khor-e and many IRI Koor-o Katchals

by IranFirst on

Compare these people to the educated and brave Iranains who came out despite Islamic bullets, in 2009. Let there be FREE (UN supervisesd) elections and we will see if greens win, or Arab-ruled IRI


Just scroll down...

by comrade on

... to see those lovely faces(!) surrounded by their security details who carry briefcases which open to  bullet-proof shields, and then try to remember, if you can, the good old days when you could've spotted Bazargan or even Bani-Sadr riding in a regular sedan, mingling with real crowd in the height of the revolution.  

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.