Book review: 'The Shah' by Abbas Milani
LA Times / Stanley Meisler
18-Feb-2011 (2 comments)

Like Mubarak, the shah—in power for 37 years—was blinded by a megalomania and a thirst for power that isolated him from the needs and demands of his people. Like Mubarak, the shah, spurning the advice of others, refused to initiate reforms until it was too late to satisfy his critics. Like Mubarak, the shah, who fled Iran in 1979, had maintained a facade of strength and stability that lulled the United States into believing that the iron-clad strength of its Middle Eastern ally was in no danger of cracking.

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unflattering picture of Shah

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I'm not too familiar with Abbas Milani. Does this guy know what he's talking about? Or is he just copying Tehran Times?



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Everyone calls this guy "Dr." who knows in what....just make the same comments about Iran's situation in the past 30 years that a lot of people do...I don't know what makes him a doctor when he says them...I have pointed this issue out before.