“Karroubi Moved Out of His House,” Neighbor Says–Fear of His Arrest Grows
Int.'l Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

“Their lights were out last night. There are no security forces on their street. They have been transferred,” Says Neighbor of Karroubi
Contrary to news from Tehran that opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi was under house arrest inside his home, a neighbor of Karroubi’s told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran today that no security forces are present on Karroubi’s street anymore. “I am certain that they are no longer inside their home. All the windows are broken and nobody is home,” his neighbor told the Campaign.
Describing the residential complex in which Karroubi lives, the source added, “Because there are many foreign embassies in the Farmanieh area’s North Dibaji neighborhood, usually there is very high security in that area; the police make routine rounds. Many authorities live in homes in this area. Last night and today, Karroubi’s home was extremely quiet and vacant of any government forces, and unlike previous days, no forces were in sight.”
“Considering Karroubi’s home is located in such an area, dense with embassies, during recent days plainclothes forces threw acoustic bombs into their home on several occasions without any restrictions from the police. They disrupted their neighbors’ peace and nobody could do anything about it either. Yesterday, the street was swarming with forces from the police station, but there was nothing going on today. There is a rumor going around town that they have been arrest... >>>

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