Iran would "slaughter" people in revolt - defector
02-Mar-2011 (2 comments)

PARIS (Reuters) - An Iranian diplomat who defected last month said Tuesday that Iran's leaders would rather "slaughter" their own people than surrender power to any popular revolt inspired by uprisings across the Arab world.

Ahmed Maleki, who was vice consul of Iran's consulate in Milan before fleeing to Paris with his family last month, is the latest in a string of officials to defect from the Islamic state and join a year-old opposition group called the Green Wave.

He said in an interview that Iranians had been inspired by images of popular revolt in North Africa but faced a regime far more brutal than those of Egypt, Tunisia or even Libya.

"In the course of the past 32 years the sole objective of the regime has been to retain power," he told Reuters at a prestigious hotel in Paris, speaking through an interpreter.

"They are willing to ... resort to whatever measure, including slaughter and bloodshed to the extreme in order to retain power."

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Every time

by MRX1 on

Every time it looks as if things are out of control,some of these islamic goons jump a ship, request an assylem and tell their host country that how horrible the regime was/is! some of them even join the opposition and lecture every one about virtues of deomcracy and non violence!  

He is probably right about one thing though, that the only way to remove this regime is with guns and bullets.


A little dignity wouldn't hurt!

by PArviz on

If this guy knew all this all the time, how come he still worked for this regime for so many years? Are dignity and conscience such rare commodities amongst some people?

People like these who sacrifice anything and everything for personal gains and advantages, are one reason for prolonging the filthy existence of this barbaric regime.

Apparently, now, at the end of his insignificant career working for a brutal and murderous regime, he feels like retiring in Europe and be treated like a hero who defended the right of his people. ZEHI KHIAL BATEL. 

Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic!