Ebadi says Arab-style revolt certain soon in Iran
Reuters / Robert Evans
09-Mar-2011 (13 comments)

"With the slightest breeze, there could be a conflagration," she told a news conference on the fringes of a meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council, at which Western countries want an investigation into Iran to be set up.

"As to what will spark that fire and when, it is difficult to predict. But I can say with certainty that it won't be long in coming," she said.

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by shamsi on

She keeps encouraging Iranian youth in Iran to go out and fight the thugs . My question is, where are you? You left, ran away, and now live in London, asking all those innocent souls to fight, you could have done the same , fight,and fight, but you chose to leave !!!



by afshinazad on


If there are many of you disagree with her it is just great, regarding she is being Muslim there is no doubt, in every Muslim Iranian, Islam is like a cancer and has been infected in their boons and there no cure for that and let's agree on that and there is no hope in future for curing that cancer.Regarding Iranian will rise like Arabs is just a dream and bloodshed in Iran already is happing so either hundreds in a day or month, in Iran we have slow death, our people still sleeping and going wrong direction and making another hero of Mousavi and Karobi to go back to future, are we Iranian evolved yet and how soon we forget about 33 year of killing and these two were part of the same killing machine and now people are out there for their release and without knowing that what happened to first issue of democracy and freedom and don’t you think they are directing us to nowhere.how do we Iranian suppose to get along and unite which every one think silence is answer and peaceful demonstration is key to achieve our freedom and question is how we suppose to achieve such goal with getting killed and imprisoned and beaten to death, let’s remember 1979 and how people were armed themselves against army and security and why do we think we could win with peaceful demonstration, do we think they are going to feel sorry for us, instead they getting more violent and killing more people and we do belief that just they are going to say goodbye one day because we have seen SHAH did it or Mubarak done it recently, no these are not like shah or Mubarak to listen to American and leave the country, Arabs are not great example for Iranian, we have a lot of people who are selling their sole and witnessing of execution of their country man and women for what, that they could stay in power or they have the job and today Iranian decide not go to work, what would be the result of that and if all these people march on street and take over the government and security and military bases what would be the results of that, there is no goal and there is no agenda and there is no courage and there is no clear vision and the great leader, all we do Iranian attack and attach a tail on every one, like Reza Pahlavi who is one person who has been attacked because he is prince and he happened to be son of late Shah, what about others and others we all contribute division among people who they could be great force to oppose the regime and yet we still living with past, and that’s true that some of these people have a dark past and yet why not we try to set the agenda first and then get know each other same time and solve the problems and political compromises. I should say may god help us all for getting along and understand each other and that would be greatest achievement for our nation.    



Roozbeh G.

by Rea on

Give credit where credit is due.

She could've chosen to be part of it. Yet she left, she took a risk.

Why don't you people appreciate it ?


Nearly six million people

by Bavafa on

Nearly six million people lost their lives because of their religion, yet it seems we have not learned any of that lesson that one's religion should not be subject to ridicule or punishment but their action and behavior in the society.

As such, Miss Ebadi has done far more for protecting and advancing human rights in Iran and for that has been subjected to far harsher treatment and harassment as a result then vast majority of us.



"descendent of Cyrus The Great"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Good for her to be able to trace her ancestory back at least 50 generations. Most of us Iranian mortals can do it by about three generations only!

Her religion is her own business. In fact if she did declare herself as a muslim, yet in opposition to the islamist regime, it would be excelent in my view.

The key thing I am interested  to know is if she has declared her support for termination of the islamist regime and it's replacement with a secular, democratic republic. This is my and an increasingly growing number of Iranian people's demand. Otherwise, she has done good as a human rights advocate, and I thank her for that.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

rea, i think we're reading the same speech but citing different parts of it.  my quote comes on the paragraph after your quote!  at any rate, i agree with you on ebadi's noble effort and you should notice that if you read my comment.  and what's up with "you iranians?"  don't you know you that it's hard to find two of "us" that agree on one thing? :)


hamsade g.

by Rea on

I suppose my comment has gone next door. ;o)

Honest, I'm getting upset with you Iranians. What's wrong with you all ?

Her speech is on the net.

"Allow me to say a little about my country, region, culture and faith.

I am an Iranian. A descendent of Cyrus The Great.


She's done more for Iran and Iranian women than all of you combined and sitting comfortably behind your computer screens.

@VPK, don't you dare say whatever. ;o) 

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

where did rea go?

now it seems I am arguing with myself or repeating myself ! 

al thought he may have had something to do with his own disappearance .... that hat of his is kind of tricky  that even made Roozbeh disappeared  :) 

hamsade ghadimi

what happened to rea's and

by hamsade ghadimi on

what happened to rea's and gilani's comments?  big brother didn't like their innocuous comments? might as well delete my comment since it refers to rea's!!!

hamsade ghadimi

rea, with all due resepect,

by hamsade ghadimi on

rea, with all due resepect, ebadi said "i am a muslim" in her nobel prize speech.  you can see her speech, in its entirety, on the nobel prize website. i don't agree with maryam's denouncement of ebadi based on her religiosity.  it's the same tactic that we've come to know and abhor by islamic republic.

back to the topic at hand, the posted article, i do applaud ebadi for her tireless effort to put pressure on the islamic republic.

Soosan Khanoom

she has said that in

by Soosan Khanoom on

she has said that in numerous occasions and the topic in all conversations at that time was a muslim woman winning noble prize ..... 

i attended her speech  here in the  U.S  ....  She proudly stated that she is muslim woman ....... now i know it hurts most of the people here on IC ........ I am sorry if the fact is so painful 

Soosan Khanoom

Shirin Ebadi

by Soosan Khanoom on

I totally disagree with you on that Maryam and i am so proud of her calling herself a muslim woman .... she sets an example for all the muslim women through out the world and make them think so they can wake up from their passive and submitted state to men ....... 

the truth is she is a woman who is muslim and she has the guts to say it and does not give a damn to jump on the  bandwagon ! 

Maryam Hojjat

Thanks, Fred

by Maryam Hojjat on

for posting this great article.  Ebadi has been doing a lot for IRAN & IRANIANs recently despite of calling herself a moslem woman in her receiving Nobel prize ceremony.  I did not like it when she introduce her self in that ceremony as moslem woman.  In my opinion an educated woman who has been defending rights of a lot of Iranian women in IRR/IRI should know it is not a pride to be a moslem.