CALL FOR PAPERS - Persepolis: 40 Years On; An International Conference on the Archaeology, History, and Reception of Persepolis


LONDON, (CAIS) -- Between October 12th and 16th 1971, Muhammad Reza Shah, the last Pahlavi monarch of Iran, held an international gathering of heads of state to celebrate what he regarded as 2,500 years of Persian monarchy. Criticised at the time, and by generations since, for its extravagant hubris, it is important not to overlook that the Persepolis Celebrations also championed a scholarly programme of events and conferences which were organized at the same time for historians and archaeologists working on ancient Persian themes.

Forty years on, a new international academic gathering is planned to focus on the scholarship that has been produced on Persepolis over the last half-century. The conference, which will be made up of distinguished key-note speakers and younger professionals, will assess the history, archaeology, and reception of the palace of Persepolis. Particular attention will be focused on:

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