Former Israeli intelligence chief to Netanyahu: Don't attack Iran
CNN / Kevin Flower
02-Jun-2011 (11 comments)
  • Meir Dagan is the former head of Israel's Mossad
  • He says an attack on Iran to stop Iran's nuclear program would provoke a regional war
  • An attack would leave Israel with an "impossible" challenge, he says
  • Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has maintained all options should be considered

Jerusalem (CNN) -- Israel's former top intelligence official says the country does not have the ability to stop Iran's nuclear program and that a pre-emptive attack against the Islamic Republic would result in a regional war that would pose Israel with an "impossible" challenge.

"We do not have the ability to stop Iran's nuclear program. In the best case scenario we can push it off a bit," said former Mossad chief Meir Dagan in widely reported remarks to a Tel Aviv leadership conference Wednesday.

"It is important to know what the outcome of an attack on Iran would be, what would happen on the day after and what situation Israel would find itself in on the international stage," Dagan said.

"An attack on Iran would mean regional war, and in that case you would have given (Iran) the best possible reason to continue the nuclear program because the Iranians would then claim, 'We have been attacked by a foreign country that is reported to have a military nuclear capability. Now we have no choice but to defend ... against a ... >>>

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By we you mean

by on

members of Zionist entity propaganda unit at IC I am sure. In that case I inform you all neither I nor Iran will be going anywhere. Iran will stand firm to see the demise of a terrorist state, the Zionist entity, that has achied nothing in the region except occupation, Appartheid, mass killing of defenseless populations, land grab, invasions.....too many to list here.

Iran is the only respondible body to that the Zionist entity back into the bottle as it historical corrective mission.

We are not going anywhere, but don't be so sure about your terrorist nation!


Mash Ghasem

As we said before, you're a Hypocrite (monafegh #1)

by Mash Ghasem on

you just proved it.

Now start packing your bags and get ready for your trip to the dust bin of history, bon voyage.


I told you and tell you again

by on

if you had an iota of brain , you would have faired much better here.

Listen Aghab Oftadeh jan, covert military transactions such as Iran buying Bell 212s from the Zionist entity, if true, is not at all an anomolly though for you a Dehati shahr nadideh is a different story.

If there are greedy Zionit-Terrorists who are willing to sell technology and specially military technology to Iran, their stunch enemy, it  then looks really bad on the Zionist entity not Iran specially that when Yaboo and other Zio-terrosists all over Europe and the USA accompanied by their imbeded Zionist senators or PMs pushing for sanctioning Iran while they themselves sell military technology to Iran themselves.

I credit Iran in bying helicopeters from the very enemy that you may use the same helos against them. This is where IRI's briliance comes to picture.

To educate you further, both US and the Zionist-terrorists will pay any money to anyone in Iran to buy Iranian military equipment to take a look inside and creat counter measures. I am sure the US and Zio-Terrorists are dying to buy say a few Shahb-III for the same purpose. Now does that mean this is done becasue of need of hardware, the answer is a fat NO!

Do you finally get it bahoosh Joon?

In short, IRI's last attempt to buy Bell 212s from the Zionist entity is simply brilliant, there is no other better term for it!



Mash Ghasem

معامله پنهانی اسرائيل با ايران

Mash Ghasem

13خرداد :جنجال بر سر اتهام معامله پنهانی اسرائيل با ايران

دويچه ‌وله: جنجال بر سر اتهام معامله پنهانی کمپانی اسرائيلی "برادران
عوفر" با ايران همچنان ادامه دارد. صبح جمعه (۱۳ خرداد) پليس اسرائيل اعلام
کرد يکی از بنيانگذاران کمپانی عوفر که ۸۹ سال داشت در منزلش در تل‌آويو
درگذشته است.

هفته‌ی گذشته ايالات متحده آمريکا شرکت عظيم کشتيرانی "برادران عوفر"
را همراه با شش شرکت بين‌المللی ديگر به فهرست تحريم‌های خود اضافه کرد.
اين شرکت‌ها متهم هستند تحريم‌های اعمال شده عليه جمهوری اسلامی ايران را
نقض کرده‌اند.

"برادران عوفر" که بزرگترين شرکت خصوصی اسرائيل است، متهم شده از طريق
"پاسيفيک تانکر"، از شرکت‌های زيرمجموعه‌ی خود که دفتر مرکزي‌اش در سنگاپور
است، يک نفتکش به شرکت کشتي‌رانی جمهوری اسلامی فروخته است.

تکذيب اسرائيل، تاييد آمريکا



Mash Ghasem

Ghasem jon o Baademjon

by Mash Ghasem on

You buy weapons from Israel, sell them oil, trade with their companies,...and we're dumb?

You're a world class hypocrite (monafegh #1), religious bigot, militaristic aggressor,...and every single one of these traits are what you have in common with your best friend Bibi.

You keep pretendign you're blind, or can't read certain words in English. I asked: "Do you remember Iran- Contra?" I'll keep asking this question till you answer , or hell freezes over.

Make no mistake about it, you and you're best friends from Tehran to Tel Aviv are on your way out, bon voyage.

Mobarak, Ben Ali, Nobat Sied Ali, Bashir Asad, Bibi, Ghazafi,...



Isreal don't attack Iran

by Shemirani on

...... the Iranian's regime is already killing the people One by One , they are doing a better job then our worse "ennemy" please don't bother ypurself and don't spend money for nothing !




I always said

by on

if those most outspoken anti Iran and anti IRI individuals here had a an iota of brain and not an empty mountain size of foolish pride, they would fare better in all their posts and comments here. Fortunately that blessing does not exist.

As for the difference between me and Yabo your idle, gee where do I begin. After all no amount of explanation would get any intellecual response from a dumb audience any way!  

Hope you catch my drift Ghassem joon!


Mash Ghasem

And what's the difference between you and Bibi, Nteanyahu, both

by Mash Ghasem on

of yous are religious bigots, militaristic and hypocrites. All these stories of Israeli companies working with IR,...doesn't it remind you of Iran-Contra?Oh yeah , almost forgot, and both of you are on you way out, hopefully for good, cheers

Haya kon, agar maani haya saret misheh.


I am glad that you are

by on

yavash, yavash dari adam mishi! No more calls for attacking Iran from you is a big surprise. Dagan put a big hole into the wishes of those Zio-Terrorists who were quite bold when talking about attacking Iran

I guess finally it took a Zio-terrorist to put it into you Zionists that Iran does have the military muscle to smack Zionist entity to stone age if attacked!!!!!!!

 Roye hamatoon kam shod!



They don't need to attack

by RostamZ on

The last time they sent a small code and messed up your whole nuclear program. They will come with some other ways to put IRI in it's place again.


Translation of Dagan's revelations

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Israel's former top intelligence official says the country does not have the ability to stop Iran's nuclear program and that a pre-emptive attack against the Islamic Republic would result in a regional war that would pose Israel with an "impossible" challenge.

Translates to: The Zio-Terrorist entity simply can't attack Iran like it has done with other countries. The Zio-Terrorist country does not have the ability/Capability to face Iran. Iran is too big for these terrorists.

"It is important to know what the outcome of an attack on Iran would be, what would happen on the day after and what situation Israel would find itself in on the international stage," Dagan said.

Translates to: If we are stupid enpugh to attack Iran, we will find ourselves focked the next day!

"It is important to know that that war would not just be against Iran. It would be a regional war that would include Syria -- if we needed to attack Hezbollah targets in Syrian territory. The regional challenge that Israel would face would be impossible."

Translates to: In contempolating attacking Iran we must consider facing a war with multiple countries. We got Focked fighting against rag tag militia Hezb-Allah alone in 2006,imagine the defeat fighting a coalition. It will destroy The Zio-Terrorist entity all together!

"It is important to consider all options and not to run straight for the war option. At the moment no decision has been made to attack Iran, and I am not familiar with any decision to attack in 2011 or 2012," Dagan told the audience.

Translates to: In spite all rhetoric, there is no plans so far to attack Iran in 2011/2012 for a simple reason: It will be catastrophic for the Zionist entity!

"We have no other way, and not because they are my top priority, but because I am concerned about Israel's well-being and I want to do what I can to ensure Israel's existence," Dagan said "If we don't make proposals and if we don't take the initiative, we will eventually find ourselves in a corner."

Translates to: Time is not on our side. Iran has upset all our plans for regional hegemony. The more we wait the worse we will be. The Zio-Terrorist entity is in grave trouble having the Arab uprising that did not go our way, Iran's increasing political and military power, Hezb-Allah's better military readiness, US shrinkage and near collaps in ME and awarnes of the world to the Palestinian population under occupation point to only one thing ----> bad news for Zio-Terrorists.

The office of Prime Minister Netanyahu declined to comment on Dagan's remarks.

Translates to: In the face of Dagan's revelations, all the rhotoric so far by the Zio-Terrorist government on attacking Iran is a popped balloon. The Zio-Terrorist government could not do anything else but to kepp shut-up!