Nasser Hejazi
The Economist / The Economist
02-Jun-2011 (4 comments)

GOALKEEPERS are not temperamentally aggressive; their job is to defend. So it must have surprised many people when Nasser Hejazi’s public comments began to depart from his customary discussion of sporting triumphs and disappointments, and turned instead to politics. Not that he was combative. The defender in him kept his remarks to the anodyne, or at least to what most people in most places would regard as the anodyne. In Iran, however, any criticism of the government carries risks, even for a national hero.


Nasser Hejazi

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A great article!




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You are welcome, P_T_B_A! Wow! He tried to run for president and he wanted to make a difference! He is larger than life!


Thanks Yolanda

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It is so heart warming to see he is remembered by giant media. 



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You scored one, Yolanda.