Princes of Persia Meet the brothers who could take over Iran
New York Post / Amir Taheri

Wherever we go, we p - - - on everything!"

This is the refrain of a comic song that has been making the rounds in Tehran for the past two years.

The brothers in question are the Larijanis, dubbed by Time magazine "the Kennedys of Iran." Thanks to a clerical background, close ties with the military-security machine and a good dose of crass opportunism, the five have captured a number of powerful positions within the Khamenist regime.

Today, two of the three branches of the Islamic state — the legislative and the judiciary — are headed by Larijani brothers.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad between Larijani brothers Sadeq (left) and Ali.

The eldest, Ali, who also goes by his non-Islamic name of Ardeshir, is speaker of the Islamic Majlis, Iran’s fake parliament.

The next one, Sadeq, who wears the cloak of a mullah, is the Islamic Republic’s chief justice.

The third one, Muhammad-Jawad, with a mathematics degree from Berkeley, has no fewer than 18 posts, including that of advisor to the supreme guide.

Baqer, the fourth one, is a medical doctor and dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Tehran. More importantly, perhaps, he supervises the family’s extensive business interests.

The fifth, Fazel, a diplomat, has the improbable title of cultural counselor at the Islamic embassy in Canada. His real job, however, is to look after the family’s investments... >>>

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