Iran, Long Seen As An Economic Basket Case, Wins Praise From IMF
Radio Free Europe Liberty / Robert Tait
16-Jun-2011 (4 comments)

The report acknowledges that the abolition of subsidies could result in "transitory" economic slowdown and "temporary" spikes in inflation but is upbeat in saying "it should considerably improve Iran's medium-term outlook by rationalizing domestic energy use, increasing export revenues, strengthening overall competitiveness, and bring economic activity in Iran closer to its full potential."

The portrait seems at odds with the popular view of Iran's economy, which is commonly described in the West as sick, mismanaged, and under-performing. A recent report from the Heritage Foundation, a Washington-based conservative think tank, labeled Iran's economy "repressed" and ranked it 171st out of 179 countries in a league table for economic freedom.

 Anecdotal accounts from inside the country frequently depict an economy that is stagnant and lumbered with persistently high unemployment, leaving a population laboring under rising prices and depressed living standards.

Independent economists, too, question whether the IMF report paints an accurate picture.

Mehrdad Emadi, an Iranian economic specialist with the London-based Data Matrix Systems, says the fund is wrong about Iran's inflation rate, which he believes is closer to 30 percent. The discrepancy, Emadi believes, is because the fund's e... >>>


IMF praise of Iran at odds with Iranian economists

by Simorgh5555 on

The data analysed by the IMF is definitely skewed and its sources are direct from pro-Terror Regime sources. Poor job. You simply cannot take the Terror Regime at its word. The growth in GDP relative to neighbouring countries is nothing to boast about. Like the sattelite they launched into orbit the IR Terror Regime does things too little too late. 



BaronAvak, although not a fan of this....

by P_J on

Regime, by any means!   I must admit that I am in total agreement with your comment, about this writer!   He APPLAUDES any negative comment or sentiment so long as it is directed against Iran, and  positive comments would burn him, like cross would the DRACULA.

He also forgets that 70+ million Iranians are doing their level best to live under this TERRIBLE regime, day in and day out and doing a terrific job at it, i.e. management of IMF fund, done MOSTLY by our citizens, not the mullahs!   But with him you can’t get an even chance…forgetting that no regime is either 100% good or 100% bad, and most of these achievements are accomplishments of our citizenry that should be applauded.

It is a true Shaholahi/Hezbollah mentality!


Simorgh's subversive spin for dummies

by BaronAvak on

If the IMF would have said the Iranian economy was bad, Simorghspin would say: "See, the whole world's experts say Iran's economy is in shambles."

And if the IMF were to say the Iranian economy is not so bad, Simorghspin says "the data analysed by the IMF is definitely skewed."  

Iran just can't win with this guy! Why?  Because he's a paid subversive using a fake account to try to skew Iranians' opinions about Iran, and themselves. 

Same Simorgh logic applies to the IAEA, the UN, or pretty much anything anyone writes or says about Iran.  If it's bad, highlight it, and if it's good, either ignore it, hide it, or try to discredit it.   


IMF is bad for your national health

by mirza on

IMF has evaluation criteria that are the complete opposite of what's good for the health and well being of the people. IMF policies are deliberately designed to move wealth upwards (to the rulers of individual countries and to financial/banking classes internationally); this is a well known fact.