UN honors Iranian professor

Diplomats -- academics
-- and researchers alike stood as the Iranian national anthem was
played by an orchestra in the UN Economic and Social Council Chambers.

The music and ceremony were in honor of Professor Mohammad
Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi of the University of Tehran -- winner of the 2011
United Nations Population Award.

The recognition -- however -- brought a promise of more work to come
from a man who has devoted his life to the research of populations.

The world's population is expected to break the seven billion people
mark this year -- and according to UN officials -- that's a milestone
that makes Dr. Abbasi-Shavazi's work -- and the UN's recognition of it
-- ever more important.

Professor Abassi-Shavazi's work is centered around the subjects of
population and development as well as reproductive health and fertility.

His team's research has given a greater understanding of the dynamics of Iran's fertility decline.

It's also shown that improving women's education and access to
reproductive health care has led to smaller family sizes and a better
quality of life.

According to the Professor -- Iran's rapid demographic transition
means that young people across the Islamic world are better educated
than ever -- and enjoying ... >>>

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