Experts studying Achaemenid urban planning at Dahaneh Gholaman
Mehr News
21-Jun-2011 (5 comments)

The geomagnetic method enables archaeologists to study architectural structures underground without doing any excavations.
The team also plans to prepare an archaeological map of the city, team director Kurosh Mohammadkhani, who is a graduate of the Sorbonne University, told the Persian service of IRNA on Sunday.
“Due to the fact that Dahaneh Gholaman is a single-layer archaeological site, the geomagnetic studies on this site are very important. This is the only Achaemenid site that contains information on the lifestyles of the ordinary people,” he said.
For the first time, the studied will produce information on the urban planning system during the Achaemenid period, he added.
“Persepolis, Pasargadae, and other Achaemenid sites in Susa have frequently been studied, but these sites are all royal palaces,” Mohammadkhani noted.
Located two kilometers from Qal’e-No village and about 44 kilometers from the city Zabol, Dahaneh Gholaman was identified by Italian archaeologists in 1960. They could not find any artifacts during several excavations done from 1962 to 1965 but were satisfied with the results of their architectural studies there. A group o... >>>

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