Iran to open $830m Fars Shopping mall in Shiraz
Construction Week Online
21-Jun-2011 (one comment)

Royal Star International, a UAE-based conglomerate, has announced the completion of its $830 million Fars Shopping Complex in Shiraz, Iran, which will be the world’s biggest mall in terms of the number of shops.

The mall will have 2,500 shops for lease upon its opening in September 2011. At 420,000m2, it will also be the world’s fourth biggest mall in terms of total area, closely following the Dubai Mall.

The project will also house a five-star hotel, exhibition and convention centre and an outdoor amusement park called Iran Land featuring roller coaster rides.

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Just sayin'

by پندارنیک on

We used to call this sort of things all kinds of names in Shah's time, from materialistic consumerism all the way to imperialistic colonialism of prolotariat something ism, and so many other longer words..........