Iran giving out condoms for criminals to rape us, say jailed activists
The Guardian / Saeed Kamali Dehghan
24-Jun-2011 (2 comments)

Prison guards in Iran are giving condoms to criminals and encouraging them to systematically rape young opposition activists locked up with them, according to accounts from inside the country's jail system.

A series of dramatic letters written by prisoners and families of imprisoned activists allege that authorities are intentionally facilitating mass rape and using it as a form of punishment.

Mehdi Mahmoudian, an outspoken member of Iran's Participation Front, a reformist political party, is among those prisoners who have succeeded in smuggling out letters revealing the extent of rape inside some of the most notorious prisons.

Mahmoudian was arrested in the aftermath of Iran's 2009 disputed presidential election for speaking to the press about the regime's suppression of the movement and is currently in Rajaeeshahr prison in Karaj, a city 12 miles (20km) to the west of the capital, Tehran.

"In various cells inside the prison, rape has become a common act and acceptable," he wrote in a letter published on, the official website of opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi.

Smuggled letters allege authorities are using mass rape as a weapon ins... >>>


Prison rape

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Though if true

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it has to be fully investigated and bring to justice the culprits, however, such sick atrocities have a far longer history in the US/ Zionist entities than in Iran.

In the case of the US, Wikipedia states the following:

According to the study conducted by the United States Department of Justice for the year 2006, there were 2,205 allegations of inmate-on-inmate nonconsensual sexual acts reported, total, in the U.S. prison system. 262 of the allegations were substantiated.[4]

In 2003, the U.S. Congress passed the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003.

In 2007, the US Supreme Court refused to hear the case of Khalid el-Masri, who had accused the CIA of torture, including 'forced anal penetration', due to state secrets privilege.[5][6]

Just some other enlightening reports:

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It is such a common issue in the US that there is an organization dedicated to this problem:

Stop Prisoner Rape, Inc


The other institutionalised famous rape charges are obvioulsy from Abu-Gharib and other facilities in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is plenty of evidence on these and the case is known as a global US fiasco!

On the Zio-Terrorists side, they too have rape fiascos of their own, here are some to read about:

Israeli Guards Rape Palestinian Women


BUSTED! Israel is Raping Gaza of Palestinian Gas Reserves. THOU SHALL NOT STEAL


So, to try to point to 'Iranian rape' as if it is unique to IRI and mask the very similar cases by the giggest rapists in the world, The USA and their Tole-Sag 'The Zio-Terrorists' is simply disgenuine if not cheap. But we know what a handful of Zionists here are about after all! Don't we?