Larijani: Iranians Still Suffering Impacts of Iraq's Chemical Attacks
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Larijani: Iranians Still Suffering Impacts of Iraq's Chemical Attacks

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani condemned
the use of chemical weapons against innocent people throughout the
world, and lamented that the Iranians who came under Iraq's chemical
attacks during the imposed war on Iran (1980-1988) are still suffering
from the impacts of these invasions.

"At that time, the despicable Ba'ath Army of (former Iraqi
dictator) Saddam, ignoring all human standards and principles, did a
cowardly action and took the scene of the war to the cities and among
the defenseless people and committed an unprecedented crime by utilizing
chemical and poisonous weapons, which will remain in the history as a
bitter document of human catastrophes," Larijani said in his message to a
ceremony held to mark the martyrdom anniversary of the Iranian citizens
massacred by the former Iraqi Ba'ath regime's chemical attacks on
Sardasht city.

He lamented that the pains and agonies of the innocent people of
Sardasht have not been healed during the years after the invasion and
they are still suffering the impacts and wounds of the chemical attacks.

Sardasht is a city in Northwestern Iran. According to the 2006
census, its population was 37,000. It lies in the West ... >>>

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