Scientists grow kebab meat on a sheep
The Daily Mash / Nancy?
29-Jun-2011 (one comment)

Scientist Stephen Malley said: "Nancy looks and behaves like a normal sheep, just with greyer, greasier skin.

"But when we humanely removed slivers of flesh from her back, cooked them intermittently on a spike for several weeks then ate them from a dough pocket with a bit of everything from the laboratory salad bar, the taste was unmistakeable doner.


Best news for the Middle East and beyond

by ComraidsConcubine on

Nancy's altruism, we presume, not herself a kebabist, creates a bridge beyond the Clash of Civilizations, a true hub of culturally creative communication: women's groups, the Lancashire Hot Potties and Bradfordistani Chapa Batties are calling for all to join in with new fusion recipes , whilst Iranian and Persian groups have found themselves rather bewildered in their united suspicion of their ethnic needs not having been met: "where are her growing (eye) balls?"