Iran to produce 5,000 MW of green power

"Iran is pursing to fulfill its major strategic objectives in the field of renewable energies," Namjou said during an international energy forum in the Austrian capital of Vienna on Wednesday, IRIB reported.

The Vienna international energy conference, themed "Energy for All, Time for Action" opened on Monday, and focuses on ways to secure sustainable policies and investments to allow a shift towards a low-carbon "green economy" driven by "green industry."

Namjou went on to say that renewable energies will account for about three percent of Iran's electricity needs by 2015.

He also called on all companies and organizations to invest in Iran's green energy projects to help develop the new sources of energy in the country.

"This cooperation will be beneficial for investors and will also accomplish Iran's objectives in developing the new sources of energy," the Iranian minister said.

Earlier, Namjou said that Iran plans to issue more than two billion dollars in bonds to finance its power plant projects for generating more electricity.

About 40 heads of state and officials at ministerial level are expected to join some 1,000 experts, scholars and activists in the three-day UN-backed conference.

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