Washington's Favorite Terrorists
Huffington Post / Trita Parsi
30-Jun-2011 (4 comments)

In the 10 years that I have lived in Washington, I have never seen
lobbyists for al-Qaeda parade through the halls of Congress. I have not
seen any events on Capitol Hill organized by Hamas. And I have not seen
any American politicians take campaign contributions from the Islamic

But the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), an organization with the blood of
Americans and Iranians alike on its hands, freely does all of these
things, despite being a designated foreign terrorist organization by the
U.S. government.

And in a matter of weeks, this terrorist group may succeed in getting
removed from the terrorist list -- not as a result of any change of
heart -- but as a result of an unprecedented mutli-million dollar media
and lobbying blitz.

If al-Qaeda or any other terrorist organization were holding
fundraisers in DC, lobbying Congress, or holding press conferences at
the National Press Club, the FBI, Homeland Security, and local law
enforcement would be all over it.

Not so with the MEK. There, law enforcement seems nowhere to be
found. In fact, a prominent spokesperson for the MEK terrorist group was
hired by Fox News in the mid-2000s to serve as their on-air terrorist
analyst. Go figure.

Since early January 2011, the MEK has spent millions of dollars on
lobbyists, PR agents and communications firms to build up pressure on
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Tehran's favourite Terrorists

by Simorgh5555 on

NIAC and their American political mouthpiece.
I am still waiting for the hypocrite Tit-face Parsi to call the Islamic Republic a terrorist regime
Why is it that normalisation and engagement with the IR acceptable to Parsi but negotiations with the MEK is not acceptable.
Parsi you are a despicable man.



by Simorgh5555 on

Mr Parsi,

Have you ever used the word 'Terrorist' to describe the Islamic Republic? Perhaps I may refer to an email written by the Islamic Republic Ambassador  to the United Nations  Mohammad Javad Zarrin expressing thanks for your perseverence to lobby on their behalf  "I am always open to these meetings. Your help is always welcome.  I leave the modalities to your discretion.” 

And after examining your other emails it seems his gratitude towards you was welll and truly deserved:

 Just wanted to check and see if you have seen the draft of the resolution?

Also, happy to hear that you will meet with Gilchrest and potentially Leach.

There are many more that are interested in a meeting, including many respectable Democrats. Due to various reasons, they will contact you directly (partly to avoid going through Jeremy Stone). Their larger goal is to meet with Iranian elected parliamentarians. Gilchrest is a great guy, low key but very respected among Republicans as well as the Democrats. These members are very disillusioned with the Bush foreign policy and are tired to sit on the sidelines as Bush undermines the US’s global position. As a result, they are willing to take matters in their own hands and they accept the political risk that comes with it.

 Whilst I share your concern for the American lobbying of the MEK, I think you have the bold-faced audacity to lecture the US government, or anybody else for that matter, for lobbying on behalf of terrorists. The MEK has blood of Iranians and Americans on its hands but it is nothing compared to the muder of Iranians on an industrial scale which your 'friend' Mr Zarrin and the despicable regime has had. Did you happen to address the appalling human rights condition in Iran with Mr Zarrin. There is nothing in your email which would suggest this and indeed there was nothing in your NIAC website prior to 2009 which would lead anyone to believe that you give a rat's ass about human rights in Iran. So please spare your crocodile tears about Iranian blood being spilt let alone American blood which this regime is spilling by sponsoring its terrorist Shia cronies in Iraq. 


By the way where can I find the Iranian tricolore on the NIAC website? 


How about an electronic email campaign

by MM on

Mr. Parsi,

How about an electronic email campaign to the lawmakers on the Hill and the man at White House on what the Iranian-American community really thinks about MKO as a democratic group?

Thank you.


Excellent write up and assessment by Mr. Parsi

by Bavafa on

It is utterly sad and disgusting how corrupt the politician in Washington are. As stated rightly in this article, a terrorist cult, MEK, is roaming freely in Washington, financed by special interested and promoted by Faux news, the champion of the conservative cause, to promote yet another Taliban type regime in Iran.

Shamefulness of such politician is only matched by the shameful act of IRI against its own citizen.

Thank you NIAC and Mr. Parsi for shining light on such treachery.