Green Movement in Iran Issues New Manifesto in Wake of Arab Uprising
insideIRAN (a project of The Century Foundation)
14-Jul-2011 (one comment)

Editor’s Note: The following text was given to by a group of intellectuals who are leaders in the Green Movement in Tehran. They are also the authors of this manifesto.

We, dozens of groups of Green activists in Iran, have decided to offer several recommendations for the reform and strengthening of the Green Movement. These recommendations have emerged as a result of our experiences in Iran over the past two years as well as the experiences of those in other countries in the Middle East that recently have had popular revolutions aimed at overthrowing their dictatorships. These recommendations are the result of repeated discussions and debates among leaders of Green cells inside Iran, many of whom have suffered imprisonment, beatings, or other violence during demonstrations since the emergence of this popular movement.


New Green Manifesto

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I don't know if it's actually the case, but everyone I know is asking: how and why did this appear in English first?