Iran’s Greens Call on Diaspora to Speak with One Voice
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14-Jul-2011 (one comment)

Editor’s Note: The following article was written by a leader in the Green movement in Iran who wishes to remain anonymous.

TEHRAN — The unfolding drama in the Arab world that has already brought down despots in Tunisia and Egypt has been watched closely here in Iran—and with a degree of amazement and envy on our part. We are asking: ‘How do I differ from these Arabs? Why has our own Green Movement failed to achieve the popular goals of democracy and seemingly fizzled out?’ It is asked, ‘Are they more brave than we are? Better organized? More thirsty for democratization?’ Failing to answer these questions we ask, ‘What is next for our struggle for freedom and therefore our ancient country?

The time has come for the Green Movement outside the country to put aside its endless discussions, personality issues, perhaps egos, and certainly fears and begin to address in a serious manner (and quickly) the issues we Greens inside the country have included in this manifesto. We need their leadership to prepare the Green Movement for its struggle against despotism. If this fails to materialize, we Greens, inside and outside the country, will hold responsibility for losing the great social capital gained in 2009 and playing a part in the social, political, and economic break-down of our motherland being overseen by Khamenei and this Islamic government. 


Wanted: Leadership

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