Sudabeh Mortezai"s movie about Temporal Marriage
Jungle World / Jürgen Kiontke

Sudabeh Mortezai is a german born and Tehran and Vienna trained documentary arts director. Her new movie "Bazarr of the Sexes" deals with the tradition of temporal marriages in Iran. In a sometimes humoristic, but never insulting manner she presents this legally accepted, but outside the shia-islamic world little-known procedure by giving voice to men and woman of different age and social background. Religiously sanctified prostitution or a loophole for couples to have a relationship within the rigid Islamic laws? Religious dogma meets macho sentimentality meets female realities.
A relentlessly honest, eye-opening, and sometimes funny account of Islamic sexual and gender politics
A lonesome middle-aged bachelor, a divorced single mother, and a jovial young mullah are the protagonists of this intimate account of gender relations in Iran. Worldwide distribution of Sudabeh Mortezai"s movie is by W-Film Inc.