Britain’s uprising resembles Arab Spring: general
Mehr News Agency

Aug. 15 (MNA) – The popular uprisings in Britain are similar to those
in Middle Eastern and North African countries, Brigadier General Masoud
Jazayeri said on Monday.

Both the British
citizens and people from Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, and other countries are
trying to restore their rights, Jazayeri noted.

Over the past
centuries, the tyrannical regime of England had the highest number of
countries under its dominance and consequently it colonized many
nations, and plundered their resources, he stated.

The legacy of Britain in terms of crimes it committed is even murkier than that of the U.S., the general noted.

It has been a
long time that Britons can no longer tolerate their country’s ruling
system, he said, adding the British people have repeatedly expressed
their opposition to the regime.

The fact that
British police are harshly cracking down on the protestors shows the
British officials are trying to maintain their power.


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