It's Time to Lift the 'Terror Tag' From Iranian Opposition Group MEK
Fox News / Richard R. Schoeberl
29-Aug-2011 (one comment)

With the State Department’s imminent decision, a number of detractors of the MEK have engaged in a last ditch campaign to hype a November 2004 document which they claim is an “FBI Report,” as evidence that the MEK was planning terrorist acts. I’ve seen the so-called “report.” I, myself, have written reports on terrorist organizations. And believe me, this amateurish collection of vague and unsubstantiated charges is no FBI “report.”


In a recent article, Trita Parsi, an Iranian-American critic of the MEK, claims that the “FBI Report” finds that the MEK “continued to plan terrorist acts at least three years after they claimed to renounce terrorism.” But, there is nothing in the LHM that substantiates that claim as it focuses clearly on criminal matters -- such as immigration smuggling by a number of Iranian nationals.

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Looks Like Powerful Political Groups in the USA are not serious

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