Apple Announces Death of Steve Jobs
05-Oct-2011 (5 comments)
  • Steve Jobs, who stepped down as Apple CEO in August, has died after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.
  • Apple fans are invited to share their thoughts, memories and condolences by sending messages to
  • Jobs' death comes the day after Apple unveiled the new iPhone 4S.
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    Jobs's 2005 Stanford commencement address

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    Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

    A bit of

    by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


    a total shock to me that he was only 57?. A relatively young man with tons of ideas. One thing he got was praise from his competitors. Which is a lot to say. He will be missed among us. 

    People like Jobs actually made things. As opposed to the economic crooks who suck money. We need more Jobs even Gates! These are billionaires who earned their wealth and respect. On the other hand the Wall Street crooks just steal.

    Without Jobs and his like America would not be what it is. I am sorry he is gone. He was absolutely the top notch visionary of our time. Facebook and its like are no match for Apple in visions. 



    by Mehrban on

    The news papers today put Steven Jobs at the same level of importance as Ford the inventor of the automobile.  I can't disagree.

    Great loss :(



    by hirre on