British firm with links to William Hague sells 'protester-tracking' product to Iran
The Telegraph
09-Nov-2011 (2 comments)

A British technology firm with links to William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, has sold a product to Iran which could be used to track down protesters.

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hamsade ghadimi

vildemose, niac's resources

by hamsade ghadimi on

vildemose, niac's resources are currently tied up with their effort to expose a redneck in texas who has an anti-iranian poster in his bbq restaurant.  apparently, niac's constituents don't have a problem with china, england, or other countries enabling the iri to torture, execute and silence its critics.  it's safer and more in line with their mission to expose the dirty westerners where iri is not implicated.


 What is NIAC's stance on

by vildemose on

 What is NIAC's stance on this??


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