Doctrine of Silence
New York Times / Roger Cohen
28-Nov-2011 (one comment)

He has gone covert — and made the right call

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It's about time someone got smart

by FG on

It appears that the Obama administration may have found a cheaper, quieter and more effective way of dealing with terrorism and regimes that support them, including Iran.   

Recent explosions in Iran, including one in Isfahan two days ago MAY be directly linked.  But in the new policy of "silence please" the administration can't admit certain victories, even if to do so might be a nice boost politically.   It's a temptation that Obama must resist even though opponents will exploit his silence by demanding that he tell what he knows.  

I wish Obama would show the same guts domestially  in taking on the Party of Billionaires (Plutocracy Party and the Koch Brothers puppets (Tea Party members) who serve as surrogates to these big time oil and coal investors.   These small time sons of the Know Nothings, John Birch Society, Joe McCarthy, the Minutemen, etc., haven't figured out that what's in the interest of the oil and gas producers (deregulation, deterring action against global warming, elimination of mass transport and alternative energy under the guise of "spending cuts") aren't in the interest of the common man.    

Recall how Bush's top man blew the cover of a CIA agent by boasting.   No matter the pressure from right-wing politicos, Obama must resist giving things away.  Recall the silent war Iran waged via Quds and proxies like the Al-Mahdi army?  What Obama grasped that Bush didn't is that two can play that game.  It's about time!  We should have done in long ago.