Farshad Ebrahimi, an exiled political blogger and former Quds-member identifies non-students attacking UK embassy
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung / Christiane Hoffmann

When Farshad Ebrahimi, an exiled iranian blogger and critic of the IRI leadership watched some newspaper photographs showing the attacks and looting of the Tehran UK embassy by so-called "angry students", it was initially only one face that attracted his attention: A black-bearded guy wearing nerd-glasses and a leather jacket. He just managed to enter the embassy area without being noticed by the nearby police. Mr. Ebrahimi very well remembered the face from the time when they both served at the Quds forces. Ebrahimi change sides in 1999, whereas Karim Dschalili, the man on the embassy photo, made a "good" career there. And this is not the first time that Mr. Embrahimi identifies and makes public the names and addresses of thugs who always like to hide their faces while beating and arresting protesters on the streets.