Weekend of Mass Action to Stop a U.S. War on Iran NO war! NO sanctions! NO intervention! NO ...
03-Feb-2012 (one comment)
NO war! NO sanctions! NO intervention! NO assassinations!

Endorsers include (list is growing):

Afghans for Peace * American Iranian Friendship Committee * Americans Against the Next War *ANSWER Coalition * Antiwar.com * Anti-War Committee, Minnesota * Bail Out The People Movement * Buddhist Peace Fellowship * Campaign Against Sanctions & Military Intervention in Iran * Center for a Stateless Society* CODEPINK * ComeHomeAmerica.us * ComeHomeAmerica.us, Boston * Dallas Peace Center * Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality-Virginia * Future Freedom * Gay Liberation Network, Chicago * Granny Peace Brigade* Iowans for Diplomacy With Iran* International Action Center (IAC) * Libertarians for Peace* Liberty for America * Malcolm X Center for Self Determination * March Forward! * Midwest Anti-War Mobilization * Minnesota Peace Action Coalition * Mobilization Against War & Occupation, Vancouver * Moorefield Storey Institute * Movement for a Democratic Society * Occupy Wall Street, NYC * Occupy Boston * Oklahoma Center for Conscience and Peace Research * Outright Libertarians * Pace e Bene * Peace Action New York State * Peace Action Staten Island * Peace House Oklahoma City * Peace of the Action* Raging Grannies * Refugee Apostolic Catholic Church * Rochester Against the War * Shannon Watch, Ireland* SI! Solidarity with Iran * Stanford Says No to War * St. Pete for Peace* Twin Cities Peace Campaign * Uni... >>>

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iraj khan

It Seems As We've Been Here Before..

by iraj khan on

"Fabricated stories that claim evidence of Iran pursuing nuclear weapons is being blasted through mainstream media and repeated by almost every mainstream politician."

Events are unfolding in front of our eyes like an old disaster movie we had seen before but this time it's real and not fiction.