Exclusive: Iran defaults on rice payments to India
07-Feb-2012 (9 comments)

 Iranian buyers have defaulted on payments for about 200,000 tonnes of rice from their top supplier India, exporters and rice millers said on Tuesday, a sign of the mounting pressure on Tehran from a new wave of Western sanctions.

The default prompted the head of the All India Rice Exporters' Association to call on members to stop rice exports to Iran based on credit, which would be a fresh blow to a country where imports of staple foods are already being hampered by sanctions.

"It is a serious issue and we do not rule out further payment defaults by Iran," said Vijay Setia, the association's president.

Indian sources said the Iranian buyers had defaulted on payments worth about $144 million for rice shipments under long-term supply deals. Iran shipped the cargoes from Indian ports in October and November. Most Indian rice exporters allow 90 days credit.

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Dr. Mohandes

Abarmard Jan

by Dr. Mohandes on

Pardon me for Running Barefoot In this debate:))) but you seem to be making far too many Goorizes to the desert of Karb-o-bala!

Agha jan.

Please just do what F man says. Gather all that passion and massion and that Iranian-American made and bred enthusiasm, and " Fall into the life" (bioft be joone) Dolate Azeemeh Amrikia! 

No. No. Don't tell me that that is what TP Is doing cause i just count that as a big time cop out. I want to see YOU doing something about it.

End of The chapter!!!

Faramarz jan

What would JJ and IC have done without you? You are awsome. Keep being awsome and Remember this : The movemnet of Iranian people is Perfumy (ba taravat). I just heard that being said on the 9 o'clock news:)))))

Or some shit like that:)) 

maziar 58

simorgh jaan

by maziar 58 on

who cares about misspelled chinese quraan.

let's talk about POOLOO.

And who is going to pay for it ?




by Abarmard on

It seems that there are more attacks here than debate, so I am going to do just that, moch geeri. I am going to "mocheto migiram" with this sanction debates that has gone far enough. I am not going to defend the Islamic Republic, nor I am going to defend Iranian economy, as I have never done. The issue is this, should we as responsible Iranian American community, support scantions that are imposed on Iranian people or not.

You say Yes, I say No. We will wait and see. Only time can prove one of us wrong, and believe me, I want to be wrong.



by Faramarz on

Before you run away!

So you are saying that since we can't expect anything out of the hostage takers (the Regime), then we should ask the responsible adults (US and the west) to step up and take care of the Iranian people. OK.

On humanitarian grounds, I assume.

Then why don't you put all your passion and enthusiasm into asking the US to do so, instead of constantly complaining and demonizing her!


Tahdig it is

by Abarmard on

So first you support sanctions that worsen Iranian economy then come and complain about screwing this or that? What agriculture are you talking about Mr. Faramarz? During what period?

As Iranians say: pa na pa, mikhasti gol beshe?

No one is saying that Iran has a healthy economy. No one is saying that Iran has a good system. But people like me don't support policies that make it worse (Get that, WORSE) for the people of Iran (Get that? for the people). You do support sanctions. Therefore Tahdig is this.  

I say, people will suffer even more than a year ago as sanctions take deeper toll, and there will be NO REVOLUTION. You say Yes to sanction and I assume that it will be a revolution.

Since there is no way to convince you and your group (pro sanctions) that it doesn't work, let's do this:

You keep track of what happens with more sanctions and we will see who is on the right track in the long run. Fair? Let's keep it as that, time will tell and we'll be around to meet again, here at IC.

(I go further and say that best result of sanctions are war, with no regime change)

Time will tell. End of argument.



by Simorgh5555 on

Don't stop there!
They are even importing their Korans from China with spelling mistakes and all. Of course, it did not cross the mind of the mullahs that China is an athiest country which persecutee Muslims.
When I went to the British Museum two weeks ago there was a sign written in the ancient Persia section that the first known agricultural farming on record started in what is now the Iranian plateau. I did not investigate this further but if it is true then its evidence again of the IR Terrorm regime has destroyed our environment and landscape. To say nothing about the pollution which poisons the rivers, lakes and the air Iranians breathe.
Cucumbers, apples and oranges are being imported from China because of the reckless policies of the IR destroying the Iranian agriculture. There is nothing this evil regime.has not screwed up. No amount of Western imposed sanctions can adequately ruin Iran's economy and industries more than the IR itself.



So, first they screw up

by vildemose on

So, first they screw up Iran's agriculture for 33 years. Then they cut deals with the Chinese and the Indians to buy their stuff and enrich themselves and now they are complaining about the sanctions!

Gol gofti, Faramarze aziz. Thank you. 

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Piece of Tahdig Abarmard!

by Faramarz on

So, first they screw up Iran's agriculture for 33 years. Then they cut deals with the Chinese and the Indians to buy their stuff and enrich themselves and now they are complaining about the sanctions!

But, this one has easy solutions. Since India can only pay the Regime in Rupee for oil, the regime can pay the Indians in Rupee for rice.

Or, the Regime can apply for a waiver on US sanctions from the Treasury Department and get a license to import rice from Texas.

What is the next problem in the sanctions series?


Good sanction series

by Abarmard on

Hopefully it will open some eyes that who gets hurt here.