Israel Attack Iran: Is Ahmadinejad Himself Jewish?
25-Feb-2012 (one comment)

Regardless, whether it was Sabourjian or Sabaghian, cloth-weaving and cloth-dying were historically deemed jobs unfit for Muslims.

FP noted that Jewish clothworkers have existed in Aradan for centuries.

“Ahmadinejad's hometown of Aradan had a Jewish minority into modern times, the remnants of a community dating back to Silk Road traders during the 3rd to 6th centuries B.C.” FP stated.

“Likewise, both Sabour and Sabagh (or Sabbagh) were uncommon last names for Muslim cloth weavers and dyers.”

Reportedly, Ahmadinejad’s opponents in the Iranian government itself have also raised the issue of his true origins. If true, Ahmadinejad’s legitimacy as president of Iran would become jeopardized. Yet, Ahmadinejad has somehow survived, despite many political intrigues involving him and mullahs in the Teheran parliament

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the bitter irony

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what bitter irony! The holocaust denier goes down because of his jewish roots!