Iranian Schindler who Saved Jews from Nazis / Kaveh Farrokh

I am posting this article from to show Israeliees to anti-Jewish people on IC.  I have always loved the Israel & Jewish people and consider them IRANIANS' friends.  This article show you how Jewish think about IRanians NOT IRR/IRI  & their thugs. I was always also disgusted with akhoonds and their thugs and their horrible inhumane culture which has ruined persian/Iranian culture in past 33 years.  On the contrary to what ProIRR/ProIRI think the akhoonds are enemies of IRAN & Iranians and have proved it in past 33 years by killying the best IRanians and destroying our ancient sites of old civilization.  Ofcourse, these akhoonds are enemy of IRANIANS' friend like Israels but good and beneficial to Iranians' enemies ARAB states like Hamas, Lebenan, Syria and others.

Please read and judge yourself.


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