In Iran, young people want fun, fun, fun
JSonline / Nicholas D. Kristof, New York Times
21-Jun-2012 (one comment)

Along the Caspian Sea, Iran - One of the most pernicious misunderstandings in the West about Iranians is that they are dour religious fanatics.

About half of Iranians are under the age of 25, and Iran has done a solid job of raising their education levels. I was struck on my 1,700-mile road trip across Iran by how many of them share American values, seeking fun rather than fanaticism. They seem less interested in the mosques than in amusement parks (which are ubiquitous in Iran).

"Young people don't really go to the mosques," said a 23-year-old man in eastern Iran, cheerfully exaggerating. "We want more ways to have fun."

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