Video: Iranians Flash Mob Against APPLE's
21-Jun-2012 (2 comments)

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"Join us as we 'flash mob' against APPLE's discriminatory, undemocratic and unethical policy of not selling products to Iranian people because their country is under economic sanctions by the U.S. Apple has decided that internet freedom, equal rights and free communication are not company policy.

We must take this opportunity to raise awareness about how sanctions are themselves human rights violations for depriving people of the digital tools of modern free speech and democracy, as well as, hurting the lives of ordinary people through economic starvation.

Also we must take a stand against the growing culture of intolerance against Iranians in the US."

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Shame on PAAIA

by Kabriat on

I am proud of them to.  Shame on PAAIA for not doing anything about this.  Shame on those Iranian-American organizations which aren't taking action.


I am proud of Iranians

by iamfine on

Because they fought against discrimination loud and clear inside Apple building. I like to see more comments from Iranians on this subject matter