Iran's economic crisis escalates / soberlook
04-Aug-2012 (3 comments)

Many economists, though, say that even without the sanctions, Iran would still have big problems: a legacy of inflationary oil spending and budget-busting state subsidies of food, gasoline and other basic items that encouraged overconsumption and the steady erosion of the country’s industrial base.  “Many fundaments of the economy of our country have been destroyed over the past years,” said Mr. Raghfar, the economist. “And now, slowly but surely, the chickens have come home to roost.”


Big Problems Even Without Sanctions

by ayatoilet1 on

Sanctions are giving mullahs cover. Its an opportunity to blame outsiders for their failure. Sanctions are extending their 'reign'.



sanctions is the preliminary step

by mahmoudghaffari on

it should be followed by heavy surgical attacks and continued until the regime falls.


Iranians must handle that huge army of volunteer thugs or else

by FG on

As I keep pointing out, these thugs are not there for show.   This time the government will be more ruthless from the start against peaceful demonstrators which is why Iranians must do what "weaponless" Syrias did: FIGHT!

You get the weapos by appealing to soldiers to defect and defend the people, inflicting casualties on these thugs at a rate to make such tactics unsustainable. To reduce casualties and defections, the regime is forced to withdraw them and turn to other tactics which alienate the people even more.

It is smart and class people's warfare.