75 political prisoners at Evin received pardon
Kaleme / Banooye Sabz
20-Aug-2012 (one comment)

According to reports by Kaleme, as of Thursday August 16th, 2012, 75 political prisoners were released from Evin prison having been pardoned by the Supreme Leader of Iran. The sentences of 9 additional political prisoners were reduced. The list includes 7 women from Evin’s Female Ward, 69 prisoners from Evin’s General Ward 350, Ghasem Sholeh Sadi, who had served his full sentence and 9 prisoners whose sentences have been reduced.

List of of the released prisoners can also be found here:





My dear amigo, Do you believe in Papa Noel?

by amigo19 on

They are making room for new inmates! 

I heard somewhere on this site, that there are 3500 prisoners of conscience in Iran, about  6 percent of them are Bahaís,and yet there is no  Bahaí prisoner among them is released !