Staffers: Voice Of America Left Lawmakers in The Dark About Loss Of Prominent Show
US News / Elizabeth Flock
23-Aug-2012 (4 comments)

But last November, Parazit abruptly went off air — and though Iranians mourned its disappearance, the U.S. lawmakers who championed the show didn't have a clue.

The popular show was dark for almost nine months before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee learned about it, according to a staffer on the committee.

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Anything that seriously challenges the IRI, is undermined by U.S

by ayatoilet1 on

Parazit was begining to seriously affect the IRI's standing with the people of Iran. Short sections were shared widely across the internet and even replayed in many other Iranian sattelite shows. And they were having an impact. A serious impact. 

My own experience (with my TV show) is that once you begin to have an impact i.e. really threaten the Mullahs; the proverbial 'rug' gets pulled from under your feet. I am suspicious that the U.S. adminstration has some secret desire to keep the Mullahs in power.  The West wants to keep the IRI. IF you don't believe me just as yourself some basic questions. Consider the following:

Last week General Dempsey visited both Iraq and Afghanistan and then flew back to Iraq. Does anyone wonder if he used Iranian airspace in this travels? Or did he fly arround Iran twice (add some 4 hours to his trip)??

Iranian planes fly across Iraq routinely to supply the Assad regime. Who manages Iraqi air space??

The sanctions are not affecting the regime in power in Iran at all. And Iran's oil exports to China have doubled. What is it that the West has that the Iranians can not buy from China? (When China is producing everything for the West anyway, what is it that the Sanctions are supposed to do?)

The idea of all this is to maintain the regime, BUT contain it. Keep it as a local feared source for arm sales and strategic balance - BUT NEVER liberate Iranians to pursue their real economic (and political) opportunities.  This is a game of deception that has gone on for two long. And this cancellation of PARAZIT is one example of that.


Parazit is sorely missed

by Mehrban on

They were great, both of them.


"What VOA giveth, VOA taketh"...

by Bavafa on

On that note,

What America gives, America takes. 

But sadly there are far too many Iranians that like to outsource getting their own freedom and democracy to Americans, often times due to lack of backbone, focusing on personal gain and/or self believe.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Let this be a lesson about independence, & relying on your own

by Zendanian on

resources, rather than resources of others, with their own agendas.

What VOA giveth, VOA taketh.

What you creat by yourself, stays with you, yourself.