After pushing Israel from Iran strike, Obama is suddenly OK with Netanyahu
04-Sep-2012 (one comment)

Barack Obama seems to believe that Israel will not be attacking Iran soon, or else his people would not be so eager to deny reports on a rift between him and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Twice in the space of 48 hours senior American officials have taken the trouble to categorically deny reports in an Israeli newspaper. But what was most surprising is that in both cases the Obama שdministration was insisting it has a great relationship with the Netanyahu government.

On Sunday night it was ambassador in Israel, Dan Shapiro, who summoned Channel Two’s chief anchor, Yonit Levi, for an exclusive interview which can be summarized by just one of his sentences –

“What we have are very close and generally quite private conversations between the most senior members of our governments focused on the common threat, the common strategy the common understanding of how we can achieve it and the means with which to achieve.”

In other words, don’t believe what you read in the newspapers, ties between the U.S. and Israel have never been better and even the relationship between Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu “is just what it needs to be.” And why was Shapiro doing what no diplomat normally would do, refer on camera to the personal rapport between his president and ... >>>


Enough is enough....

by Bavafa on

After 8 years of US politics during the disgraceful GWB admin, run by Israel, enough is enough.