Letter to Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Regarding Azarbaijan
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04-Sep-2012 (one comment)

Dear Congressman Rohrabacher,

I am writing this letter to you regarding your letter to the US encouraging the break-up of Iran (a fellow member country at the United Nations) by forcing the secession of its Azarbaijan province.

It is clear that you have adopted or been influenced by post-Soviet era propaganda. In that endeavor I am humbly obliged to address your Misconceptions by expostulating the works of non-partisan professors regarding Russo-Soviet (and especially Stalin-era) Persophobic historical revisionism.

You are perpetuating what is essentially propaganda statements from the Soviet era regarding the validity of the existence of a “South” versus “North” Azarbaijan.

Historian Nazrin Mehdiyova, who is from the Republic of Azarbaijan herself, corroborates this by affirming that:

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Good post

by MaryamJoon on

Azaris are Iranians.

Fascists separates have no place in Iran.